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12-30-2011, 04:17 PM
From your favorite TexansChick (http://blog.chron.com/ultimatetexans/2011/12/texans-titans-2-qa-with-tom-gower-of-total-titans-and-football-outsiders/)

I used to think there was absolutely nothing good about the Titans. Iíve reconsidered. I like the writing of Titans fan, Tom Gower.

Tom (@ThomasGower) is the co-author of TotalTitans.com, a very good Titans blog, and a staff writer for Football Outsiders where he is co-writer for the weekly Scramble for the Ball. For the Football Outsiders Almanac 2011, he wrote both the Texans and the Titans chapters though next year he will be writing about a different division. Heís a native Houstonian (born in Webster more specifically), and remained a fan of the Oilers after their move to Tennessee, and now lives in Chicago.

He wrote a very good Q&A for the first Texans-Titans matchup (I suggest re-reading it here), and has updated it with the following Q&A:

12-30-2011, 05:02 PM
Damn i wish AJ would of been healthy all season. The heart and soul of this Franchise.