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12-13-2011, 10:52 PM
Its going to be a busy year with the firing and hiring coaches. Big name coaches are out there. The list below are coaches I believe could be fired next year, and some coaches that will be available. This is how I think its going to shake up:

Cowher to San Diego(gets complete control with AJ Smith fired), Gruden to St Louis (loves having a qb), Dungy to Indianapolis (Payton bribes him with the money he didnt earn this year- anything can happen), Billick to Miami, Fisher to Dallas

Feel free to mention any names left out or some that need to be taken off.

Coaches fired as of 12/13/2011:
Jacksonville: Jack Del Rio
Miami: Tony Sparano
Kansas City: Todd Haley

Warm Seat
San Diego: Norv Turner
St. Louis: Steve Spagnuolo
Indianapolis: Jim Caldwell
New York Giants: Tom Coughlin
Dallas: Jason Garrett
Philadelphia: Andy Reid

Top Coaches Available:
Bill Cowher
John Gruden
Brian Billick
Jeff Fisher
Tony Dungee
Herm Edwards
Tom Cable

12-13-2011, 11:07 PM
Interesting article about the firings in KC and Miami. Especially the Miami one.


For Sparano, the long-rumored end finally came a day after Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero said that the organization had decided to fire Sparano at the end of the season. It represented the latest leak out of an organization which has spent the last 12 months treating Sparano like their safety school during the college application process. After the 2010 season, Miami owner Stephen Ross flew out to California and flirted with Jim Harbaugh while Sparano was still employed as the team's head coach. After Harbaugh spurned their advances, they tried to interview Eric Mangini for a "consulting" role before cancelling the meeting. Next, they scheduled and then cancelled a press conference that was to announce Sparano's retention as the team's head coach. And then finally, with their bridges burnt, the Dolphins gave Sparano a contract extension through 2013 to prove just how committed they were to retaining the boss they clearly had no interest in holding onto.

Once the Dolphins started their season 0-7, it was clear that Sparano's tenure with the team wasn't going to last beyond 2011. So why didn't the team fire him then? Why let him go after he's helped steady the ship? The organizational braintrust of general manager Jeff Ireland and owner Stephen Ross, which has presided over the same failing teams that Sparano stood on the sidelines and coached, came out on Monday and said that they were looking for a new Don Shula. That means they want a hot young coordinator with leadership ability, which is a problem, because that's just about what every single team in the league looks for after they fire their coach. And nobody who fits that bill is going to be able to interview for the Dolphins job until January, anyway, so why fire Sparano now?

The logical answer is that it changes the narrative surrounding the Dolphins over the final few weeks of the year. Think about it from Ireland's perspective. According to Salguero, Ireland and Sparano have sparred over decisions ever since Ireland flew out to California with Ross to interview Harbaugh. Remember, Ireland came to the team with Sparano and Bill Parcells in 2008, and now, he's the only one left standing. By aligning himself with Ross and willingly abandoning the head coach he helped choose, Ireland's made himself essential to the one guy the organization can't fire. If Ireland lets Sparano stick around through the end of the season, the question surrounding the team remains, "Do the Dolphins need to blow things up and start over?" Now, by firing Sparano, Ireland has turned the question into: "Who will Miami hire as their new head coach?" He's successfully deflected the concerns away from the questionable decisions he was involved with, like selecting Chad Henne as the team's franchise quarterback or trading a pair of second-round picks for Brandon Marshall. And if the team does go after a young coordinator, it ensures that the organization won't be shopping in the star coaches aisle, where Super Bowl winners like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden would come in and take over control of the team's personnel department, eliminating Ireland's raison d'etre in the process.

12-13-2011, 11:26 PM
One thing people should consider about Cowher is if he sits out the 2012 season he will most likely be inducted into the hall of fame.