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nero THE zero
11-17-2011, 12:50 PM
Robert Ndkemiche

His "top 5:"

Southern Cal

He’s the “boy who would be king.” He has physique like a Greek god, runs like a tank breaking the speed limit, and plays with the tenacity and intensity as if he was starring in an TV episode of “24.”

Recruiting rumors started last year – and continue to this day – that Nkemdiche “secretly committed” to Alabama, but he denies it. Nkemdiche has a top five but not a leader, plans to take five official visits next year, and announce after his senior season.

“He needs to go somewhere where the overall program is disciplined, where they hold their players accountable, and where they have coaches that help their players become the best they can be,” Conn said.

His coach, Mickey Conn:
“I have never seen a better player, even when I played on the 1992 national championship team with guys like Eric Curry and John Copeland. I think our whole defense from 1992 went to the NFL, and we didn’t have anybody like Robert. They were good. But this kid is special.”

Copeland and Curry were All-America defensive ends from Alabama who were drafted back-to-back at the No. 5 and 6 picks in the first round of the 1993 NFL Draft.

“Robert is just different. If he takes his shirt off, there’s not one once of fat on him. Those guys were big ole guys. This kid has an ‘eight pack’ for abs. He just doesn’t look like a defensive end is supposed to look. Robert looks like a free safety when you see him. You like, ‘OK, he’s about 230 or 240 pounds. He doesn’t look 270.’ Then you put him on the scales and he’s between 265 and 270.

“He’s much faster than those guys and much more athletic. Now those guys were great players and they may have strengths that Robert doesn’t have. I was a player then, so I don’t know what all of those strengths were. But I just know that Robert is the best-looking athlete I’ve ever been around. He plays hard on every play.

“He’s not one of those guys you look at and say ‘Well, he’s got potential to be good. He’s got size and speed, and has the potential to be good one day.’ No, this guy is producing now. He’s not that big sloppy guy or big ole guy that people sign because he’s big, and they are going to make him into a football player. No, this guy is already the real deal.”