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04-26-2005, 12:02 PM
Seems to me the Texans are buying into the Patriots way of doing business ... Release Foreman , Sharper and Glenn all of whom made substantial money against the cap in in favor of younger players counting considerably less against the cap .
In the cases of Foreman ..... i think it was the right move . They did replace him with a seemingly superior player for their system in Greenwood . Foreman did seem to under achieve .....
As for Sharper and Glenn , i cant say i like these moves at all . None of the emerging players are proven at their new / starting positions .
Replacing Sharper with Wong / Wong with Peek may add considerable speed to the LB core but does this translate into a better D ? Its gonna be hard to replace your leading tackler and leader of your D for the past two seasons . Replacing Glenn with P. Buchanon doesnt seem to make a lot of sense to me either as Buchanon wasnt very good in Oakland . He does have all the tools but can he make use of it .
Another way these moves can hurt the Texans is in free agency , how many top FA's are going to consider Houston when they see how many players get cut in the middle of their contracts ?

04-26-2005, 12:35 PM
Sharper and Glenn were not cut. They were granted their unconditional release, which required their consent also, and which allowed them to walk away free and clear from any contractual obligations they had to the Texans.

The Texans would have kept both of these guys. They wanted to renegotiate Sharper's contract, and they may have told Sharper that he could expect increased competition for his spot, and probably reduced playing time.

I have not heard any talk about restructuring Glenn's contract. However, with Buchanon coming in, he was apparently told that he should expect to see increased competition at CB and reduced playing time. Apparently, these two guys were quite offended at being approached in this manner, and decided they could do better elsewhere.

I am sorry that both of them are leaving. I believe that the Texans would be better this year if both had of stayed. I sincerely believe that Texan's management would have liked for them to have stayed. Giving them options while they were under contract was an unusual and very classy thing for the Texans organization to do. I wish Sharper, Glenn and Foreman good fortune and every success. Their contribution to the building of this franchise has been very large, and should be looked on with respect and gratitude by all true fans of the Houston Texans.

04-26-2005, 12:51 PM
The funny thing about this is that Sharper signed a contract with the Seahawks for much less then he probably would have signed here.. If I remember right on Kffl, he was only getting $1 mil this year.

04-26-2005, 02:09 PM
Sharper and Glenn were not cut. They were granted their unconditional release, .

Spin it anywhich way you like , they were CUT because of monetary issues .

The Texans granting them their "Unconditional Release" does NOT require the players consent . It leaves the team on the hook for whatever the remaining pro-rated portion of the signing bonus is left on the books for the coming season .

Giving the player the option to seek a trade is an attempt to get something of value to the team in return before they were actually cut / released . Call it classy or buisiness savy if you wish , its still the same . Reality is that they got Nothing for Foreman or Sharper and its highly doubtful that they get anything in return for AG and have probably burned a bridge in the process as Glenn could have been a nice addition to the coaching staff at some point in the future .

04-26-2005, 02:18 PM
Released or cut, that's all semantics. They have botched this offseason something horrible. Glenn was already a coach on the field, and if he wanted to do it, I think he would have been great after his career. Glenn was under contract. The Texans by no means had to release him. This set of moves makes absoulelty no sense, and I for one am steaming mad about it.

04-26-2005, 02:18 PM
The reason why this system is working for the Pats is because they have great scouts, I guess we will see if Cass was right about having better scouts than Kiper.

04-26-2005, 04:25 PM
Im really tired of all this complaining, people need to realize its for the best.

1) Foreman and Sharper did lead the team in tackles, but so would any ILB we plug in, thats how the 3-4 works, ILB get most of the tackles. So he was our leading tackler is a mute point... and so much for a leader, is sharper not the one that stated that the Texans needed someone to step up and be a leader, so obviously Jamie didnt want that job.
2) Is glenn worth keeping as a nickel back making 4-5 mil the next three years... the only reason he would except Dallas' lower pay, instead of Houston's is cuz he didnt want to return to our organization that was preparing to move on without him there. he felt like the texans stabbed him in the back, so no matter what he wasnt going to sign back with us.

The organization is lowering the cap now, who knows, next year some FA might pop up, that we can make a run at.. simply cuz we dont have all this money sitting on our cap from overpaid vets. which i dont doubt we will do, this is all fitting into our 5 year plan believe me, the only reason we couldnt start releasing these vets before, is we didnt have the depth, didnt have the right players in place... but now that we do. you will see cuts to players that no longer are needed here