View Full Version : Raiders Fans Try To Be Kinder And Gentler

11-06-2011, 09:40 AM
What would Al Davis think of this?

For years, Oakland Raiders fans have prided themselves on being the scariest, baddest fans in the NFL. Turns out they're really easy-going, tender-hearted spirits.

Raider Nation's most loyal supporters believe they've got an "image problem" and they've been working hard to change the misconceptions other fans have about the Silver & Black backers.

The Black Hole Fan Club has taken rather jarring steps to convince people that the perception and reality of being a Raiders fan are completely separate.

"We are tired of being the whipping boy of the Bay Area and people thinking we are a bunch of criminals. We are not," Black Hole Fan Club President Rob Rivera told the San Jose Mercury News.

So what do you do to change public sentiment? The Raiders fanatics have have hired a public relations firm, set up a new website at www.blackholefans.com, and donated money to a struggling religious preschool