View Full Version : Raiders’ relocation scenarios take on new dynamic

10-10-2011, 03:56 PM
The apparent handing down of the franchise’s controlling interest from Davis to his son, Mark, may well cause a seismic shift in the NFL’s stadium construction and franchise relocation landscapes, with implications likely to reverberate across the facility-challenged state of California.

As the NFL closes in on a potential return to the Los Angeles market, which has been vacant since the Raiders returned to Oakland and the Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995, there are numerous questions in the wake of Davis’ death:

Will the Raiders now be more receptive to cutting a deal with the 49ers that would establish the two franchises as co-tenants in a newly constructed Bay Area stadium, likely at the Santa Clara site where York has already received voter approval to proceed?

Will the Raiders be wooed back to L.A. as a tenant by one of two competing groups attempting to build stadiums in the region?

Will another franchise contemplating relocation – most likely the San Diego Chargers, but possibly the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams or Buffalo Bills – feel a renewed sense of urgency to strike a deal in Los Angeles now that the Raiders are theoretically in play?

Will Mark Davis entertain offers to sell the team that was inextricably linked to his father for nearly five decades?

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