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09-15-2011, 05:26 PM
I really like their stuff/stats/attention to detail.

Houston Ė Three Things of Note
1) Center of Attention
Not many times youíll see a game review start with a center but Chris Myers stepped straight back in to his 2010 form against the Colts, simply dominating the interior defensive line of the Colts and working to the second level to neutralize their linebackers as well. Now whilst this wonít be Myersí sternest test of the season the level of dominance was extraordinary. Gary Brackett was a complete non-factor and it is no coincidence that the Texans, even without Arian Foster, were able to pick up 89 yards on the 13 carries that went off middle right and middle left.
2) Work to do in run defense
The report card for this victory would be largely positive but there were still questions to be asked for the Texans, notably in run defense were certain players struggled. Shaun Cody has never filled us with much confidence as a 4-3 DT and we questioned his projection as a starting NT in a 3-4. He didnít put in exactly a vintage performance in this encounter to put those doubts to rest. Against a none too potent Colts running game he put up a run defense grade of -1.6 and was rather easily controlled on a few inside runs. With neither of the Houston inside linebackers providing a great deal of beef if Cody continues to be easily controlled by single team blocks the spine of the Texans defense could become a real weakness.
3) Watt and Williams bring the heat
J.J. Watt put in a fine NFL debut, most notably as a pass rusher as he teamed with Mario Williams to make life difficult for Collins. Between them they combined for 16 total pressures with Watt supplying five of those. Two missed tackles will be of concern, as will a lack of impact in the running game but as far as debutís go this was encouraging for the Texans and they will look for more in 2011. Williams looked very comfortable in this new defense, providing consistent pressure against the Coltsí tackles and making a mockery of the Coltsí decision to block him on passing plays with Clark, registering two sacks from these matchups.
Game Notes
● Pressuring Collins was always going to be crucial for the Texans and they never let him settle. 3 sacks, 5 hits and 21 pressures were pivotal in their victory.
● Matt Schaub faced pressure on 8 snaps in this game; he completed 5 of 7 attempts taking one sack.
● Brett Hartmann was the first kicker to stake a claim as touchback king, the Colts only returned one of his seven kickoffs in this encounter.
PFF Game Ball:
Chris Myers, C, Houston Texans
Controlled the line and dominated the middle of the Colts D with the sort of performance usually reserved for players called Mangold.


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Good stuff.

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Good stuff.

Agreed, but I think Duane Brown should have got a mention too and possibly a game ball. Did Freeney even play? I don't think I've ever seen Freeney be such a non-factor.

09-15-2011, 11:45 PM
Agreed, but I think Duane Brown should have got a mention too and possibly a game ball. Did Freeney even play? I don't think I've ever seen Freeney be such a non-factor.

The circumstances of the game and the Texans ability to run the ball played a big role in Freeney and Mathis going largely un-noticed. Neither are particularly good against the run ... hard for them to concentrate on getting to the QB when opponents are playing with a lead and can run the ball at will.

I will give Brown his due tho - Freeney didnt do anything when the Texans were trowing.