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09-11-2011, 01:33 AM
This is the TD run by King, some claimed "OVER" but not "SMOOTH OVER" Keo.

The different camera angle sequences are here:


09-11-2011, 01:35 AM
The lineup:


On this TD by the Vikings, the RB weaved up the middle along the hashmarks.

Let's discount the SAM Reed who took on the double team WR/TE on the outside, the Texans had 7 (including Barber) against 6 blockers (5 linemen and the FB.) As these guys falied to account for all the gaps, it was left to Keo and T. Williams - who couldn't stop the play either.

09-11-2011, 01:37 AM
The gaps:


09-11-2011, 01:52 AM
1. Lewis got cleared away to the side by the double team, allowing the C to slip out on Adibi. The LG then took Lewis totally out of the play.

The Strong side A gap that Lewis was responsible for is the area between the C and the LG (about 2 yards.)

That was pretty much the running lane in this play.
This was the main problem: Lewis.

2. The WeakSide A gap was made even wider with the RG hooking LDE Bulman and clearing him to the outside
- Bulman was attacking the WS B Gap but was cleared into the C Gap (you just can't get hooked that bad, Bulman.)

Adibi now had too big of a gap to be able to commit on the C's block early enough. This is where Keo had to wait just a tad to see which side of Adibi the RB would go for.



3. Dobbins waited too long to fill the StrongSide B gap;
not only that, he was pushed back badly by the FB Asiata, making it hard for Barber to decide where to go.

He (Dobbins) needed to be inside the FB and leaved the outside to Barber and Tori Williams to fill.
The strong side B gap was Dobbins to control, and he failed at it.

Dobbins would be the second culprit on this play, after Lewis.
Bulman was a close third.

09-11-2011, 01:54 AM
--- Note: FB Matt Asiata is from U of Utah; he weighs 229 lbs and is in the Hybrid FB/RB mold. He missed a lot of time due to injury in 09 (playing only 4 games that year); when he was healthy, he split carries with one or two other RBs (depending on the year.)
He was not a FB at Utah; even James Casey outweighed him 17 lbs out of college (based on NFL Draft Scout) ----

09-11-2011, 01:56 AM
And what about Barber? Sure he was hindered by Dobbins but he was totally out of the play.

If he had committed himself on either side of Dobbins, T. Williams and Keo could have reacted better.

As the middle safety, Barber was supposed to be the last line of the defense here.

Instead, he ended up pretty close to Dobbins back and was out of the play.

Dobbins was supposed to be taking care of the gap on one side of the FB Asiata and Barber the other.

If these two had fulfilled their gap assignments, Williams would have been able to support the outside right of the defense with Keo supporting the left side much better since there would be less room for the RB to weave trough.

And how do you think T. Williams should go about that tackling attempt?
Sure looks to me like he overran the tackle there at the end and wasn't able to put a hit on the runner.
He actually helped pull the runner into the endzone.

09-11-2011, 02:04 AM
As noted above, Keo also had to watch to see which side of Adibi the runner was going to go before Keo can commit himself.

This slowed him down just a fraction.Sure, I'd like for Keo to get stronger and faster, too.

Here, however, I think it was more about angle.
Due to the fact that Keo had to wait to see where the RB was heading, he couldn't get to the point where he needed to be to square himselfup in a good position sooner.

Look where Keo set his feet; it was way on one side of the hashmarks.


He then had to lean to his right and had to reach to hit the runner's right shoulder with his.

Simple physics has the runner naturally spun around 180 degree and stumbling into the endzone on his back (with a little help from Tori Williams) on the other side of the hashmarks.


Honestly, I don't see how one can say that the Keo got ran over.