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08-25-2011, 04:13 PM
exans head coach Gary Kubiak met with the media after practice Wednesday at Methodist Training Center in Houston.

Let's cherry-pick some of the more noteable comments and kick 'em around just a bit:

When asked if he expects Jacoby Jones to contribute on special teams Saturday night at San Francisco, Kubiak said “oh yeah, he’ll definitely be on punt returns and Danieal (Manning) will be our kick returner."

We kicked this around a few days ago. GIven the sad state of affairs that is the Texans return game, I don't mind seeing Jacoby in on punt returns but since Manning just signed a contract with $9 million in guarantees a few weeks ago and is such a critical piece of the Texans rebuilt secondary, I wonder if that's the wisest decision. Ideally you have a backup receiver, running back or DB handling that duty, not one of your higher priced free agent acquisitions and starting free safety. You would think with 90 guys on the roster, they could find one that could regularly return kicks to the 25.

When asked how he plans to divide carries among the running backs Saturday night, Kubiak said “Well, Arian (Foster) needs to work, so the first group’s going to play three quarters of football. That means that Derrick (Ward) and (Ben) Tate will spell him from that standpoint and one of those guys will take the fourth quarter.

Tell me ... why does Arian "need to work?" I'm talking about more than a quarter or a couple of series? Is this some old coaches formula where if your back doesn't have 62 carries in preseason, he's not ready? Here's my lower risk plan: Give Arian the first quarter, Tate the second, Ward the third and Obi the fourth. Period. Exclamation point.

On whether DeMeco Ryans and Earl Mitchell will be able to play Saturday night:

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08-25-2011, 04:19 PM
When asked about not having a big nose tackle, Kubiak said “I think it’s kind of like who do you have, so to speak. If you’ve got that guy, you play a little different. If you don’t, then you’ve got to stunt and do things to cut up the run game, let people move around and not sit there and just try to hold the point all day. We’ll play to our strengths and our guys are kind of smaller, more active guys.”

In other words, if the Texans had a guy on the nose who could wreck shop, they wouldn't have to run stunts to try to create confusion and/or pressure up the middle. It's a brains over brawn approach that was somewhat limited by draft needs at other positions and free agent dollars, and the ability to defend the inside run hangs in the balance. How long have we been hearing about this 'smaller, more active' defensive line thing? It seems like forever. And it hasn't worked ... in like forever.


08-25-2011, 04:35 PM
Totally agree about Manning. Too valuable to hang out in the breeze as a KR.

And what's up with Slaton? Still nursin' it? If he doesn't play in preseason, then what chance does he have of makin' the team? As far as Foster, maybe a half and then sit him. Starters won't even sniff the turf on the 4th game so not a bad idea to get him some work being he missed quite a bit.