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07-05-2011, 09:05 PM
In this post, I identified all above average performances by the Texans defense, and looked at how the offense performed during those games:
What would improved Texans defense do for Texans offense? (http://blog.chron.com/texanschick/2011/06/what-would-improved-texans-defense-do-for-texans-offense/)

In this follow up post, I looked at how much help various quarterbacks in the league had from their running game and defense in 2010. The numbers aren't perfect, but like any tool, they are interesting as a jumping point for intelligent discussion by those who watch the games.

NFL Quarterback help: Matt Schaub v. other QBs (http://blog.chron.com/texanschick/2011/07/matt-schaub-nfl-quarterback-help/)

In other words, I would very much like for the lockout to end so there was real football stuff to talk about. But in the meantime, it is the best I can do. :barman:

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Nice article and great research. I wonder how many of Schaub's above average performances was aided by trash time stats. Not know=cking Schaub, just wondering if some of his stats are inflated by passing a zillion times because we were behind by 2 or 3 scores the whole game.

07-06-2011, 11:53 AM
Yes, since 2007, the Texans have had only 13 above average defensive performances. And the one against backup quarterback Rusty Smith of the Titans shouldn’t count because he was just all sorts of awful


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Oh, and it gets worse. Just as an example, based on defensive efficiency, Joe Flacco had 13 above average defensive performances and Matt Ryan had 9 above average defensive performances in just 2010 alone.

I miss real NFL defense. Not just a defense that can sometimes look okay because they are playing a guy in their first start or an otherwise completely inept offense.

If you look at the QB ratings for Texans opponents, it is like they've been playing a Hall of Famer just about every week.