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04-06-2011, 10:24 AM
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Houston Texans were "On the clock" today. Wouldn't say it's anything new or haven't heard but whatever :)

Good start(beat Colts)
Bad finish(finished 2-8)
Even with a 37-43, retained Kubiak, hired Phillips

Tirico: 9-7 coming into last year. A sheek pick. The failure in North Texas now seen as the guy who could maybe save the Houston Texans. Phillips comes in as DC.

Mort: Maybe can save Kubiak's job because I believe this is it for him.

Dilfer: People think anytime you go from 4-3 to 3-4 you're just going to sprinkle fairy dust and then just get better on D. Every single week, a O exposes a new weakness on their D. That tells me their back half of roster isnt developed. This D is pathetic. You better develop back half if you think you're playing better D..

Tirico: Williams, Cushing have to re-adjust. Cushing with good rookie year, followed by down year.

Kiper: OLB still a need. Look at who can be a DeMarcus Ware type. Quinn could be that guy. Didnt play this year. Athletic, natural pass rusher. Could use another CB/WR. Could surprise people and take Julio Jones but I think 3-4 OLB is where they'll look. Had Quinn played this year, he'd been first, second, or third overall pick so getting great value at this point in the draft.

Mort: Is this smart switching defenses? Didnt work well for Redskins last year like people thought but Phillips scheme being more of 1 gap, not 2 gap. Can Mario, Cushing convert? Dont forget they lost heart and soul in DeMeco. He's back. I think if they get the back end fixed, they could make the playoffs.

Tirico: Couldnt cover anyone. Secondary torched. Reason Kubiak is still there is the O.

(Video)On the Clock: Texans (http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=6299427)