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03-02-2011, 05:24 PM
After being struck recently with how the NFL's labor rift has been cast as billionaires vs. millionaires, I thought Id look at some players' salaries.

Totaling-up career earnings is quite difficult, and bonus money can be hard to nail down and sort through.

We can still get an interesting snapshot by looking at scheduled 2011 base salaries. I suspect many readers will be surprised that the vast majority of players will earn less than $1 million this fall.

Here, according to the NFLPA, are the players from each AFC South team currently scheduled to make a base salary of $1 million or more in 2011. Keep in mind guys in line for some form of free agency are not part of things here.

Fifty-three of 216 players under contract are slated to make $1 million or more. Thats 24.5 percent of the division

Houston Texans

* DE Mario Williams -- $13.8 million

* WR Andre Johnson $7.2 million

* QB Matt Schaub -- $5.7 million

* LB DeMeco Ryans -- $5 million

* DE Antonio Smith -- $4.6 million

* RT Eric Winston -- $4.5 million

* DT Amobi Okoye -- $2.95 million

* C Chris Myers -- $2.75 million

* QB Dan Orlovsky -- $2.75 million

* K Neil Rackers -- $2.15 million

* G Wade Smith -- $1.75 million

* WR David Anderson -- $1.44 million

* RB Steve Slaton -- $1.2 million

Total base salaries of $1 million or more: 13

Total players under contract for 2011: 49

Percentage of roster making $1 million or more: 26.5


03-02-2011, 05:49 PM
Taking the signing bonuses out of the equation (and likely-to-be-earned incentives) removes all meaning from the base salaries.

...a few years ago my company CEO took $1 as his base salary. It sounded nice until you took into account his other compensation (like thousands and thousands of shares and personal living expenses)