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02-21-2011, 11:58 AM
The 2011 Texans Mock Draft Tracker is live!
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Posted by: Chris on February 20th at 11:36PM

Those of you that have been around a few years already know what this isÖ the rest Ė well, itís pretty self explanatory. Iíll be updating the Mock Draft Tracker approximately once per week leading up to the draft.

The first table is a breakdown of how many times a particular player has been picked for the Texans within the set of mocks that I am following. The second table is a list of all the mocks sampled, complete with links. I typically add 10-20 more mocks as the draft gets closer, depending on the mock. Iíll drop the ones that donít update enough for my standards. You will see a couple of draft sites duplicated Ė that means there is more than one writer doing mocks for that site. Next update I will include the writer names so you can differentiate.

I realize this is all pointless and kind of silly, but itís just a fun offseason thing I do every year. For right now the Tracker will only exist in this entry, but this week Iíll put the permanent graphic up on the right sidebar (next to Texans on the Web) so you can click it and check whenever you like.

TRACKER (http://www.houstondiehards.com/?p=10788)

02-21-2011, 12:41 PM
Nice resource, thanks.