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02-10-2011, 11:31 AM
I definitely like the Woicik move


The Cowboys are positioned to add an owner of six Super Bowl rings to coach Jason Garrett’s staff.

Mike Woicik probably will start his second run as Cowboys strength-and-conditioning coach after a scheduled meeting today with Garrett at Valley Ranch. Woicik has been with New England since 1997, and the Patriots let his contract expire after this season.

The Patriots won three Super Bowls during Woicik’s time with the club. Woicik was also with the Cowboys for their Super Bowl wins in the 1992-93 and ’95 seasons. His final season with the Cowboys, 1996, was marked by a heated sideline dispute with coach Barry Switzer over letting Chris Boniol kick a seventh field goal late in a game that had been decided.

Joe Juraszek replaced Woicik in 1997. Juraszek, well-regarded, missed the last half of this season because of a family medical issue that apparently will not allow him to continue.

The looming addition of Woicik will continue Garrett’s change of culture around the club. Woicik is driven and will challenge players with their workouts.


With each move Jason Garrett has made, his vision of the Dallas Cowboys becomes more crystallized. Determined to erase the laissez-faire culture that permeated Valley Ranch during the end of Wade Phillips' tenure, Garrett has dialed up the intensity in practices and secured the services of animated defensive coaches who are demanding.

The latest one to be hired is Brian Baker, who will oversee the defensive line after spending the last two years serving in similar capacity with the Carolina Panthers.

Baker has a domineering persona and has a reputation for barking at his players.

"He's aggressive and demanding and has always been that way," former NFL coach Bobby Ross, told the Charlotte Observer in August 2009. "I think in some respects, guys in the NFL aren't always used to that. It might be more of a college mentality. But I think that's good. "He's never been afraid to express his opinion. I knew he wouldn't always tell me what I wanted to hear. But he'd let it go."

02-10-2011, 06:48 PM
Even though it has been pointed out that fire and brimstone is not a necessary requirement in a football staff, I still prefer the "aggressive" animated coach over the "weenie" approach.........especially for the "unmotivated" player. Like Lombardi, the fire can be demonstrated on the field, while the balancing compassion occurs behind closed doors.