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01-20-2011, 08:17 PM
3rd round?


The only film I could find of him on the .com was from his high school days.

But dude is a beast and could probably come in and be a rotational player on the D-line from day one....

I think he could be a good starting NG for us too...

Here's some info about him (http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=65045&draftyear=2011&genpos=DT)...sorry cant copy and paste.

Also: Pass rush: Might not put up huge sack numbers as quarterbacks will be aware of his presence inside. Shows good quickness off the ball in obvious passing situations. Can bull rush when single-blocked by extending his arms or swim over defenders reaching to engage him using quick hands. Uses long arms and big hands to cloud passing lanes but hasn't actually tipped many passes (one in his first two seasons at Hampton). Keeps his eyes in the backfield while engaged by a blocker. Will go to the sideline to chase scrambling quarterbacks or get off blocks to follow screens. Wants to play finesse game, as if he's a light and agile tackle, trying to spin or run around blockers, instead of overpowering and destroying blockers. Runs by mobile or pocket-savvy quarterbacks on his initial burst but does show hustle on secondary rush.

Run defense: Looks like a run-stuffer and can play the part, but surprises with his agility and foot quickness. Agile enough to move with blockers on zone plays; can disengage to prevent cutback lanes. Holds up double teams to eat space but can also penetrate into the backfield. Can push back two defenders when keeping his hips low and churning his feet. Good hustle for his size, especially when rested as part of a regular rotation. Chases down plays to the sideline, as well as from behind even if they go 15-20 yards downfield when rested (even in the fourth quarter); he is not credited with many stops in those situations, but is in position if his teammates can't stop the ball. Spins off double-teams to grab ballcarriers coming through the hole or funnel toward linebackers. Has nimble feet to jump over fallen blockers but is susceptible to the cut block because of his height. Has difficulty regaining his balance. Runs past ballcarriers because he fails to break down quickly.

Explosion: Excellent upper-body build and girth. Has potential to show great strength off the snap to uncoil and uproot blockers. Not just a mammoth run-stopper, he lines up at the one- and three-technique positions to be explosive as a pass rusher. Average NFL first step, but it's quick enough to pressure the pocket when focused on getting to the quarterback.

Strength: Man among boys at the FCS level due to his size and strength. Anchors against double-team, not moved backward easily. Rips off single blocks with strong hands and downward motion, though he will stand around when he tires. Holds off linemen with one shoulder when slanting and is able to spin in the opposite direction to make tackles. Will have more difficulty maintaining leverage against NFL interior linemen unless he sinks his hips to hold his ground consistently.

Tackling: Swallows running backs in the hole with great mass and length. Pure size and strength make him an explosive tackler that ballcarriers don't want to feel hit them. Good change-of-direction agility with quick feet, but struggles to stay low and break down in space. Has some upfield burst. Can work against him in that he cannot stop his forward momentum when rushing up the field.

Intangibles: Dismissal from South Carolina for multiple rules violations is a major red flag, and his one-game suspension in 2010 also added to those worries. On-field effort is not an issue.


If I'm the Texans I take a chance on this guy. We have a good locker room. I think he would be ok here if they kept him focused. His effort on the field is not a question. Dude has the potential to be a beast and easily the best DT in this draft IMHO.

01-20-2011, 08:19 PM
He's projected to go in the 3rd round, but I would take him in the 2nd in a heart beat.

If the Texans were ever going to trade down and acquire picks this would be the draft to do it.

01-20-2011, 08:46 PM
I wouldn't mind Kendrick Ellis in the 3rd round but I'd rather have Jerrell Powe or Sione Fua in the 2nd round. I worry about Ellis's height, he's listed as 6'05", and tall DT/NT's tend to get stood up at the LOS by OG/C and get under a tall NT's pads thus pushing/standing him up and moving him out of the way much like used to happen with Frank Okam. His height worked against him. You want a guy that can get low and use leverage and strength to get under an OG/C and stand them up and push them back into the QB or collapse the pocket. Powe and Fua are both 6'02 and 310+ lbs.. Fua even played in a 3-4 system at Stanford thus he has experience at the position, has a better build for the position, should be fairly intelligent as far as football players go, and played against a higher level of competition in the Pac-10. Powe played in a 4-3 but his body build is perfect for a 3-4 NT, he's got good athleticism, and he played in the SEC.

01-20-2011, 10:42 PM
with those red flags my guess is Texans will pass anyway.

01-21-2011, 09:52 AM
with those red flags my guess is Texans will pass anyway.

Sad but true. Kenrick Ellis (I always want to put the "d" in his first name) has perfect attributes to be a NT. He has fat boy size (340 lbs), but Ratliff type acceleration of the line. If he played at a FBS school, people would like him better than Fairley.