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12-15-2010, 02:44 PM
Did you not have a blast on Monday?

I had a very special experience this Monday. It was the kind of experience I think I will remember for a lifetime. I was lucky enough to watch the Houston Texans lose a football game.

I returned to my seat after halftime to begin my traditional second half sulk. I had just missed the kickoff return for the touchdown thanks to a very slow concession worker. Lucky me. I was frustrated as our playoff hopes had begun to vanish like a photograph of Michael J. Fox.

One of the reasons that this game was so special to me was because of who I was watching it with. Ten-year-old Ben was my game watching buddy for the Monday night football game versus the Baltimore Ravens. Ben is the son of a die hard Texans fan. Ben’s father, a very dear friend of mine, was surely just as disappointed as I was that yet another year of being Texans fans has left us without the satisfaction of feeling like winners. As you know, winners go to the playoffs. Young Ben didn’t seem too concerned with all of that. He was clapping and yelling, sending high fives to the other fans around us as the Texans began to creep back into the game once again. Make no mistake about it, Ben is a bright young football mind. He isn’t just a little boy mimicking those around him. His father has taught him well. Ben had a very solid grasp on the situation that the Texans had put themselves in. Now down by just 15 after two straight drives for field goals.

Ben has fallen in love with NFL football this year. He is a wonderful boy, full of hope and pure childish excitement. Disappointed by losing and elated by winning, Ben loves the game of football. He loves watching the Texans play the game of football. The boy’s father pulled him out of school a few hours early so he could take part in the TBB roadtrip and subsequent tailgating. Being pulled out of school to go to a football game pretty much makes you a made man in the social hierarchy of the 4th grade. Ben was as happy to be at Reliant watching the Texans close the gap to 8 as anybody. We officially welcomed him in as “one of the boys” earlier that day. Cruising around in “Hurricane Jane”, the official TBB RV, and tailgating with the TBB staff before the game , it’s easy to assume that it’s been a pretty good day by any ten-year-old boy’s standards.

you can read the rest of the story here (http://www.texansbullblog.com/greatest-losers/news/texans-news/).

12-15-2010, 04:32 PM
Great read...very true but the hearbreak is the feeling that stays with you, not the excitement from earlier in the game.

Ranger Tom
12-15-2010, 04:50 PM
My heart was unbroken by the game. I've been disappointed so many times that I was just like, "meh."

I was excited by the comeback, don't get me wrong. That was awesome (for a few minutes).

Mean Machine
12-16-2010, 10:20 AM

I always enjoy your write ups, very sincere, entertaining and they capture what it truly is like to be a Texans fan.
Keep em coming!