View Full Version : Our young DBs are learning but everything they are learning is WRONG

11-22-2010, 07:43 AM
Our young DBs seem to be about the same or actually getting worse each week. Bush said in the beginning he will try and protect the backs early with his schemes. All he has done is make them passive and unsure of themselves. His "schemes" are making the defense worse not better. The SAD thing is he can't see this and neither can the braintrust that we call the Texans coaching staff. By taking away their natural agressive play we have no chance of turnovers and even if they play perfectly in his scheme they still end up giving up a small play. He takes away the ability to make a big play that may build their confidence and only leaves them with big failure if they make a mistake. In his scheme he is ruining the young DBs not helping them. EVERYTHING THEY ARE LEARNING FROM HIM IS WRONG. What they are doing is not what they should be doing. In his mind he is trying to help them by protecting them from the big bad NFL but in reality he is RUINING WHATEVER CHANCE THEY HAVE OF BECOMING A REAL NFL DB. Just my opinion.

11-22-2010, 08:27 AM
Bush is setting this team back 2-3 years or more with his teaching. He is creating bad habits and ruining the confidence of the DBs. Remember when McCain and Quin played before this year, they were not this bad. They seemed to be near the ball and battling. Now they are no where to be seen while the receiver catches the ball. This is Bush's scheme. Play it safe. It is totally WRONG. Make a change before the bad habits can not be changed and the confidence is beyond helping. Judging from some of the interviews it may already be too late for some.