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Texan in Japan
04-01-2005, 06:21 PM
Ok, just for grins, with the spec that DJ could now be a target, let's look at what the teams in front of us may do.

1. SF: Looking hard at QBs (Rodgers/Smith) and WRs (Edwards/Williams). My bet is they go w/best QB and Rodgers probably gets the nod.

2. MIA: Although many say RB (Brown), that's spec based on internet, however, others say they like Lamar Gordon and will look at another back later in draft. So who do they take? Brown is a possibility; Smith may also be a strong consideration (esp if Freely isn't favored); both receivers are also possibilities (Williams or Edwards); DJ may be a possibility (w/Greenwood departure); Rolle would be popular and fill need (if Surtain trade); trade down. Speculation that MIA wants to trade down, makes sense, but finding someone to give value is probably issue. A team that wants one of the receivers or other QB seems strongest partner (my guess would be CHI, TB, TENN, MIN). My guess: trade down (probability MIN can offer most, but believe TENN/Chow want Williams--as does TB)...MIN gets pick and selects Edwards.

3. CLEV: Savage is weighing options and will try to optimize this pick. I believe he like franchise QB to groom behind Dilfer, but will consider BPA or trade-down. With the switch to 3-4; they need picks to build their defensive personnel and restock LB & DL. Trade down partners (MINN, TB, TEN); My guess, Savage gambles he can get Smith a bit later: TEN gets pick and selects Williams.

4. CHI: Looking for impact players; they'd be very disappointed if both WRs were off the board, but may then look at BPA. My spec would be Brown, DJ, Rolle, Pac Man, Benson. Doubt they would consider Williamson this high, but could trade down looking at all those folks and expand to look at OL later in first. If they stay, my fear is that DJ goes here. In my assessment, this is our most likely first point to consider trade down for DJ, however, cost is too high. My guess, they don't find good enough deal and select: Brown...although Thomas Jones did alright; Ronnie has potential to be star.

5. TB: Gruden wanted stud WR and tries, but can't get either guy. So a RB is next and he'll look strongly at either Benson or Williams. Not sure he really like Williams or he's smoke screen. I'll guess that he goes w/Cadillac for his speed and elusiveness.

6. CLEV: Happy that he received extra picks and adds Alex Smith.

7. MIA: Looks at another trade down, but likes hometown A. Rolle.

8. ARZ: Misses out on Smith, Brown, Williams, but finds work-load back he can use in Cedric Benson.

9. WASH: They like several players still on the board...Pac Man Jones, Williamson & DJ; another possible trade down for HOU; My guess: WASH trades w/HOU #13 + #3 (73) and #3 (2006)...HOU selects D. Johnson

04-01-2005, 07:06 PM
1. Vikings- Mike Williams Williams (6-4 5/8, 229) ran his 40s in 4.58 and 4.59. remember this is the Moss pick the Vikings make sure they secure clousre to that transaction with an equally electric talent without the off field baggage. the 49ers are more inclined to trade down than any team because of many needs, new player personnel Scot McCloughan & coach Mike Nolan. when Moss came out of Marshall he was a skinny 6'3 3/8" 203 lbs. he did have superior speed 4.39 but he carried 25lbs less.

2. Miami- Ronnie Brown The complete package of skills, blocking, receiving, speed & power Ronnie is just what the Dophins need to balance the offense from the vacum Ricky Williams left. Brown (6-0, 233) ran his 40 times in 4.48 and 4.51. 19 reps. lots of upside with little wear & tear to the body, generally rated as the top RB in the draft.

3. Chicago- Braylon Edwards Very polished, great size, speed & hands (6-2 7/8, 210) ran his 40s in 4.48 and 4.50. A proven talent who shows up when the pressure is on in big games, the Bears despertately want Braylon and will add value to a savy Crennel who's focus will be on 3-4 guys anyway.

4. Cleveland- Derrick Johnson Speaking of Crennel he does what was done to the Browns last year swaps places & still bags his #1 guy to begin his new era in Cleveland. Johnson is 6-3 and 243 pounds. He lifted the bar 21 times & runs a 4.54 40.

5. Tampa Bay- Cadillac Williams Gruden trys to throw smoke screens to aquire Williams but the Vikings are not fooled and make the trade to secure thier pick, Miami is smart & takes the #1 RB Ronnie Brown so the Buc's settle for accomplished Auburn tailback Carnell Williams (5-10 7/8, 217) 40 times of 4.50 and 4.51 and deceptively strong 19 reps.

6. Titans- Antrell Rolle Do you honestly think Floyd Reese will pass on the top CB when this is dire need? I don't think so and replace Rolle with Rolle (6-0 5/8, 197) ran 4.49 and 4.52.

7. 49ers- Aaron Rodgers What the heck they still get their man & pick up another high pick (#18) in the process. I won't bore ya'll with QB measureables suffice to say Aaron is generally regarded as the #1 rated QB in the west coast offense, he will be tested early like David Carr was but comes & has a similar background in Tedford.

8. Texans- Cedric Benson 5-10 3/8 and 225 pounds. He lifted the strength bar 18 times. In the 40, he was timed as low as 4.51 and as high as 4.59. I think the Texans love this guy & why not is this not the type of franchise back Casserly has coveted since signing on as GM? he is a workhorse back and along with Domianck Davis together they should alieviate alot of that pressure David Carr has been feeling. with DD injury report/track record & Cedric's durability & talent for finding seams in a zone blocking scheme I feel trading up to aquire Benson is justfied, if it spoils some draft party's oh well in due time you will get over it believe me.

9. Washington- Troy Williamson Two inches shorter than Moss 6'-1 3/8" the same weight 203 lbs & speed 4.38 he gives the Skins a big sized speed package to stretch the defense which has been collapasing the running game & shutting down the offense. he will have to improve his route running and not take plays off, like somebody else we all know but he should add exactly what Gibbs is looking for in a WR.

10. Detroit- Shawne Merriman (6-2, 274) is quite the impressive 4-3 DE or eventually could be converted to a OLB for the 3-4 should the Lions change schemes along with the rest of the NFL. He has the speed 4.69 and 4.65 & quickness 4.24 in the short shuttle to be a playmaker for the Lions. this should really bolster thier defensive front and easily the BPA.

11. Cowboys- Adam Pac Man Jones (5-9 5/8, 183). He ran his 40s in 4.38 and 4.41. the Cowboys are going to grab the best CB available, along with his return skills he could be play a big part in turning around a battered secondary, they may try to pull a switch with Detroit for Merriman but don't think Detroit will blink except for a lot of bling. Terance Newman, Roy Williams & Adam Pac-Man Jones would be nothing to sneeze at.

12. Chargers- Alex Barron (6-7, 320) for his size he is exceptionally fast 4.86 and 4.83. He has excellent footwork & long arms 38 inch arms but needs to get stronger (19 reps) which I'm sure he will as a pro. I thought the Chargers blew it last year by not taking Gallery because I had faith in Brees (which was proven out) but the trade & pick worked out, now they use that pick on protection for thier investments.

13. Arizona- Alex Smith I'm not exactly sure what the Texans would have to give up to move into Arizona's positon, maybe our 2nd (still think it would be worth it) but Green can still snag his heir apparent to Josh McCown here with the 13th pick, and address RB & CB latter being both positons are deep in this draft, I think this an excellent move for the Cardinals. Alex will do exceptionally well in the desert, he will be running that offense and throwing to weapons like Fitzgerald & Anquan Boldin.

04-01-2005, 07:30 PM
8. Texans- Cedric Benson

That'd really ruin draft day parties!

04-01-2005, 08:29 PM
That'd really ruin draft day parties!


04-02-2005, 12:17 AM
Don't see Vikings trading up to #1 pick with 49ers. One, they're too cheap to pay the bonus money.Two,M. Williams isn't worth it. Three, they're better off staying where they are at. If Texans trade up,it will be to get Williamson, Merriman,or Pac-man Jones,not Benson. D, Johnson will be gone.

04-02-2005, 02:45 AM
It has been established the 49ers are not relinquishing their number one pick.

The Mock however I mostly agree with because i get the feeling too that miami will trade out of the #2 spot. Especially since Saban has extended his arms to Ricky Williams, that tells me they dont really want to draft a RB at #2

I dont think we will trade up but i could be wrong.

04-02-2005, 11:47 AM
Miami could trade down a few spots and still get one of the three top RBs.

Or, DJ. He would be a nice complement to ZThomas.