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11-14-2010, 07:32 PM
We are usually trying to provide some answers, but after Sunday we are left with more questions than ever:


You’ll hear and see the term “same ol’ Texans” more and more frequently as it is becoming abundently clear that they are just that. The Texans botched another “must win” against the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday. My friend Joey, who is a Steelers fan, called me early in the third quarter as the “real Texans” were arriving to the game. He said “watching these Texans games is so bizarre!”

Joey, and many of my friends who are dedicated to their respective NFL teams, root for the Texans because they know how passionate John and I are about the team. (oh wait, I forgot, John wants a divorce but doesn’t mind crawling into the sack with the Texans trying to get a little nookie on Sundays.) Our friends also root for the Texans because they kind of have to if they have any sense of justice. They just seem to be due for some good fortune. To be honest, the Texans and their fans are kind of like a pet that the rest of the NFL and their fans must look upon with fondness. Pitty at the very least. Whoever you believe is to blame for why the Texans are the “same ol’ Texans” is open for debate. The facts are simply that they are still those same ol’ Texans. They have talent. They have heart and seem to be driven and unified, and yet that doesn’t seem to be enough for them to win enough games. They fumble the ball driving to kick a game winning field goal but they also throw it 8 yards on a 3rd and 15 with no timeouts left. But it’s not the offense’s fault.

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11-14-2010, 07:44 PM
I was depressed from the start of the game. I've said it before that since little shannahan has left our offense hasen't looked the same. I know that we have been running more but, Kubiak isen't calling the right plays. The ending was typical. I was so discusted!!! The only thing that I liked that I saw was the pressure on the QB, the play of Amobi really suprised me. He looked great. Andre looked great, walter is beast #3 behind foster, and it looks like Jacoby has regressed. He is dropping passes left and right.
I don't know what to say except I wont be watching any ESPN or listening to any sport radio this week. Just thinking about the way we lost makes me sick. Typical Houston sports, but why do we expect greatness, when the only time we have tasted it was the mid 90's with the Rockets.
It sucks when you start thinking about the next season when we are only at the midway point.