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11-02-2010, 09:46 AM
Just got the breaking news email from myfoxhouston.com, looks as if Shanahan is pulling Jamarcus for a tryout this week.

11-02-2010, 09:46 AM
LMAO! We may have issues here in Houston, but at least we aren't the Redskins.

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Why, is Russell in good enough shape to run the 2 minute offense?

11-02-2010, 05:05 PM
ASHBURN, Va. (AP)—Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell(notes) worked out with the Washington Redskins on Tuesday, just three days after Donovan McNabb(notes) was benched in the closing minutes of a loss to Detroit.

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Russell was one of many players, including a few other quarterbacks, who were getting a look from the team.

“We’ll evaluate him and everyone else out there,” Shanahan said.

The Redskins routinely invite out-of-work players for workouts on Tuesdays, but the timing of Russell’s visit only added to the team’s quarterback drama of the last few days. McNabb’s benching raised questions about the six-time Pro Bowl player’s future with the team, and coach Mike Shanahan added to the confusion by offering varying explanations for the decision.

Russell, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 draft, was released in May after three disappointing seasons with the Raiders. He regressed on the field, was fined for being overweight and was criticized by the coaching staff for his work ethic.

Kyle Shanahan praised Russell’s talents, but said the other factors do come into consideration when evaluating a player.

“I don’t think you consider anyone just based off of talent,” Kyle Shanahan said. “Everyone in the NFL’s pretty talented. (It’s) other stuff that really separates you. He is very talented, so I think he can overcome some of the stuff that he struggled with. I don’t really know that personally, but if he looks like he’s in good shape out here and he’s working, and that’s all you can evaluate. Sometimes when guys do get a second opportunity, they can change their stripes.”


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I don't care what anyone says, this old news (http://korkedbats.com/2010/07/06/this-aint-yo-daddys-purple-drank/)is exciting to me...

July 6th, 2010:
Yesterday, former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell was arrested for stealing money from the Raiders for the past two seasons possession of purple drank. Now before you get all up in arms about the fact that someone got arrested for purple drink, keep in mind that it was JaMarcus Russell, so there must be something wrong with it.

For all you suburbanite dwellers that claim to be living the “thug life” while reading this on your iPad, purple drank isn’t just purple Kool-Aid. So next time you rap along with Lil’ Wayne in your daddy’s Escolade through the Country Club parking lot singing, “Keep a bandanna like the Ninja Turtles, I’m like a turtle, when I sip the purple.” The purple he’s sipping on isn’t a grape flavored Mondo.

Purple drank’s main ingredient isn’t flavored sugar or Pixy Stix’s stuff. Purple drank is a mixed beverage with it’s main ingredient being prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine.

So in his defense, JaMarcus probably had a cough and just wanted to take his cough syrup in a more creative way. Kind of like Flintstones Vitamins. (Let’s be honest, we never would have taken our vitamins had they not had Fred or Barney shaped chewable pills.) Unfortunately for him, cough syrup doesn’t clear up symptoms such as:

* Losing football games
* Not being able to complete passes
* Completing more passes to the other team than your own
* Being fat
* Really ugly sweatshirts
* Playing for Al Davis
* Being a huge NFL Draft bust (Sorry, Ryan)


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gg no re
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Gosh darn.

I can imagine the Skins fans rushing to the store to stock up on some Shanny brand pink soap.