View Full Version : Ronald Bartell

03-23-2005, 11:41 AM
The Texans DB coach is apparently having a private workout with Howard CB Ronald Bartell today. Has anyone seen this man play? Just from the info on NFL.com he seems like he is big and fast.



03-23-2005, 11:45 AM
6"1' 4.37...That's pretty good...I haven't seen him play, but I would assume that he shined against 1AA competition...That may be the only thing that keeps his stock low...He would be a good 3rd round pick...

03-23-2005, 12:20 PM
He would be an excellent pick for the Texans in the 3rd round. The GBNreport has him listed at about 76th and NFL Draft Countdown has him about 86. But he has great a great speed and size combo and it would be nice to bring him in to learn behind Glenn and then take his place when the time was right.