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09-26-2010, 08:08 PM
Houston Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on why the Texans were able to dominate the Colts but not the Cowboys) “Well, we played better against the Colts. We struggled today. We made mistakes. We weren’t very good in the red zone. We hurt ourselves with some big penalties. Everybody’s good in this league. It depends on how you play and we just didn’t play good enough to win. Dallas is excellent and they did a great job.”

(on if the red zone issues from this game were the same from last year) “No, I think the thing that bothered me, well the first time, was penalties. We went backwards because of penalties the first time. The last time we got our tails kicked. They knocked us backwards. That’s just a part of manning up and doing a better job. We’ve been doing a pretty good job in the red zone but not today. We’re one for three and that’s not good enough.”

(on the performance of the offensive line) “I thought we actually ran the ball pretty good, but we had nothing to show for some of our ball movement because as we stepped forward we would take two steps back. We would move the ball, get plus forty, plus forty-five. We’d get a penalty and end up first and twenty and then we are trying to make a first and twenty. I have to look at the film but average-wise we, ran the ball okay. We get off schedule at the end because we’re throwing the heck out of it. Our quarterbacks went down too much in the last two weeks, I can tell you that.”

(on what he can do to prevent the quarterbacks from going down) “Well, we had a new left tackle and I’ve got to go see how he played and evaluate that. You try to do things formation wise and protection wise to help but basically somebody’s got to block the guy. Whether you’re doubling with the tight end and tackle or whether you’re doing it with just your tackle or chipping with your back. You’ve got to be good enough to get it done. You can’t run and hide from the situation. We’ve got to be better than we were today.”


09-26-2010, 08:11 PM
Houston Texans LB Zac Diles
(on what went wrong) “Credit to the Cowboys, they played a good game today. We just had little mistakes here and there that we have to come and hash out when we watch tape tomorrow. Like I said, give credit to the Cowboys. They came and played a great physical game today.”

(on the Texans not being sharp and at their best today) “It was pretty much technique-wise stuff. It was stuff that is easily fixable. When we come inside and watch the tape and figure out inside leverage and just be inside. It’s nothing that we try to overdo. It’s just little technique errors, but like I said, nothing against the Cowboys. They came in and executed their game plan and they came out with the win today.”


09-26-2010, 08:15 PM
That's why i said it was "one of those games".

You play a C game at least twice a year...that was today. We got one more like this.

09-26-2010, 08:25 PM
Too many sacks: With the Texans featuring two new starters on the offensive line in left tackle Rashad Butler and right guard Mike Brisiel, the Cowboys sacked Schaub four times. Three came at the hands of linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

All of Dallas’ sacks came on third down. One put the Texans out of field goal range, and another forced them to settle for a field goal in the red zone.

Schaub now has been sacked 11 times this season, including nine times in the last two games. He was sacked 25 times all of last season.

“Our quarterback went down too much in the last two weeks, I can tell you that,” Kubiak said. “You try to do things formation-wise and protection-wise to help, but basically, somebody’s got to block the guy. Whether you’re doubling with the tight end and tackle or you’re doing it with just your tackle or chipping with your back, you’ve got to be good enough to get it done.”

strong safety Bernard Pollard led all players with a career-high 15 tackles

not good


09-26-2010, 08:28 PM
My favorite quote:
(on the play of the Texans defense) “We keep giving up plays. We make mistakes and we need to stop making them. We can’t give up 27 points. We can’t do that. I think we have to find some way and somehow to man up and to stop this passing attack. It’s been ridiculous. It really has. It’s something that we have to improve on.

(on looking at the opponents passing yards from a different perspective after a loss) “They attacked us and we have to finds a way to stop the attack. I think until we do it, teams are going to continue to bombs away on us. You don’t want that in the National Football League because these receivers can run and these quarterbacks are accurate. We’ve just got to be sound.”

(on if the youth of the Texans secondary the cause of the giving up passing yards) “We’re young, but at the end of the day everybody’s getting paid. Nobody’s giving any money back. So, we have to improve. Nobody will give a check back. You won’t see that in the NFL. Nobody’s going to give their check back. I think if you’re not going to give your money back, then you’ll have to improve. Yes we’re young, but at the end of the day these young players are making a lot of money and none of them will give money back.”

-- Bernard Pollard
BP, you da MAN

09-26-2010, 10:44 PM
My favorite quote:

-- Bernard Pollard
BP, you da MAN

That man is so badass. Not going to lie. I put my emotions aside and was thinking about Oakland about midway through the 4th. Big deal, we lost a game to a very good team.

I can not wait to get Cush back and I think it is clear that Arian Foster is a beast.