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09-26-2010, 08:12 AM
The rest of this article published in this morning's Chronicle (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/sports/fb/texansfront/7218394.html)by David Barron is worth reading.

Notice the one on the left (Cowboy) is just struggling to keep from falling over..........the one on the right (Texan) is going for the pass

It's the Cowboys' first regular-season visit to Reliant Stadium since the 2002 opener. Rookie quarterback David Carr was on the cover of Sports Illustrated that week, and the cover featured a quote from Cowboys defensive back Darren Woodson saying, "We have to win this game."

They didn't, of course, and Woodson, now an ESPN studio analyst, still catches regular grief from Wingo and his other network colleagues.

"They just kill me over that deal," Woodson said. "But I was just being honest. They were a startup organization, and we were supposed to be the team of Texas. I came from that Jimmy Johnson era with the Cowboys where you're supposed to win every game. We didn't win that one, and I still haven't gotten over it."

'The way you win'

Those back-to-back performances had a familiar ring for NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin, a Pro Football Hall of Fame receiver for Dallas' three Super Bowl champions of the 1990s.

"People talk about winning, but they also talk about the way you win, and the Texans have won with the run and the pass," Irvin said. "Our Super Bowl teams were like that. We walked into the stadium and said you can choose your poison, but understand that you will die.

"You can back up and play pass coverage, and we will kill you with Emmitt Smith running. You can come in to stop Emmitt, and we will throw to kill you. The Texans have that ability now to tell teams to pick your poison, but understand that death is assured."

Troy Aikman, the Hall of Fame quarterback on the 1990s Dallas teams who will call today's game for Fox Sports, said the Texans are on the verge of turning the preseason form chart on its ear.

"Going into the year, we would all have said that Dallas is a better team than Houston and maybe, talent-wise, maybe we would still say that," Aikman told Sporting News Radio. "But Houston playing at home and being 2-0 and knowing what this game means within the state and especially for them, it's a game that Houston should win if they are as good as they believe they are or if they are going to do what we think they can."

It's a noon matinee, not a prime-time showcase, as was the 2002 game, but it's still a chance to recapture a feeling that Joe Theismann, the former Redskins quarterback who called that game for ESPN and today works for NFL Network, still recalls through ringing ears.

"It was such a great experience," Theismann said. "The Cowboys bring a personality of arrogance. They become the kid everybody wants to beat up, and when you beat him up or see somebody else beat him up, it makes you feel good. The uniqueness of their arrogance is that they think they should be deemed a great football team, and this year, they haven't done it."