View Full Version : My thoughts on the cowboys game

09-24-2010, 11:56 AM
I always get nervous with this team when we go into games as even a slight favorite. I'm hoping this year even after a big win they are focused on the playoffs and are hungry to get there and will eliminate anyone getting in their way.

The talk of this game at the moment has been shifted to the suspension of D. Brown. I think Butler is a capable backup, and could possibly be better in pass protection. This has all shifted away from how much the cowboy's offensive line has struggled throughout the pres-season and start to the season. Makes me think that Williams and Smith will be in the backfield all day.

Jay Cutler and a stable of nearly no name receivers cut up the 'Boys defense, makes you think what Matt Schaub and these set of receivers will do. When the Texans weren't down Foster ran the ball effectively last week. I feel like they can continue to run effectively and have the ability to grind out the second half if they have a good lead.

The thing that makes me most nervous about this game is we're primed on both sides of the ball to have a good game, but the Cowboys are still a talented team. Sometimes all a team like them needs to come together is to have their backs against the wall.

The Texans need to use the home field advantage early and deliver an early knock out blow. Don't let them hang around, because despite everything they have the talent to put points up.

09-24-2010, 12:05 PM
We need to play all 4 quarters like the Cowgirls are ahead.