View Full Version : Trade Scenarios

09-23-2010, 02:48 PM
We all love a good trade. I'm sitting at 1 and 1 in this league and need to shake things up a bit. Some of my higher picks aren't producing. [mojo, I'm looking at you].

My friend called me up and said he's willing to give up one of his backs to get a decent WR. Here are the squads.

Trip Dub Allstars [me]
rb - charles, mojo, wells, jennings. [i just dropped Jones]
wr - fitz, TO, william TB, Harvin, wallace, mason, and rice [on ir]
te - davis, meoki

Starfish Crushers [him]
rb - bradshaw, thomas, Jackson, Hightower
wr - 85, garcon, crabtree, branch, gaffney.
te - gonzo

What are ya'll thinking? He's willing to give up Thomas because he loves Bradshaw and that's the back I was planning on targeting. I doubt he'll trade Jackson and I'm not a huge Hightower fan when Wells gets back.

I was thinking about Williams/Mason for Thomas/Crab or Garcon. Something to that effect.