View Full Version : Compensatory Picks announced soon?

03-21-2005, 04:57 PM
Last year they were announced on March 29th. That was monday of the last week of March.

The 28th is the Monday of the last week of march this year. SO.. possibly on the 28th? I wonder if we will get any good picks.. or any at all.

03-21-2005, 06:32 PM
we might get something for Steve Foley, maybe a 7th rounder.

03-21-2005, 07:27 PM
The first issue as to whether the Texans recieve any picks or not is figuring out if they had a net loss of players in FA. I think the Texans lost four players who may qualify, Mike Quinn, Steve Foley, Greg Camillia, and Steve Martin. If one of our FA from 2004 signed with someone and stayed on that team you can post it here. Quinn is the shakiest as i don't think he stay on the Broncos all season.

We signed R. Smith, Wade, and Dashon Polk.

that would be 4-3 =1 or 3-3 =0

If it is zero the Texans won't get anything, If it is one probably a 7th. I don't think they will count Quinn.

03-21-2005, 08:21 PM
There's a guy who goes by the handle AdamJT13 who likes to predict the compensatory picks before they're announced. Here's the compensatory picks list (http://nfldraft.arctist.com/index.php?board=3;action=display;threadid=1142) that he posted on nfldraftbltz.com. He's usually pretty close. Sorry, no Texan comp picks.


Tennessee (Jevon Kearse, $7.83 million, 14 GP/14 GS)
Kansas City (John Tait, $5.61 million, 13/13)
St. Louis (Grant Wistrom, $5.5 million, 9/9)

Denver (Bert Berry, $5.0 million, 16/16, Pro Bowl)
Tampa Bay (Warren Sapp, $5.23 million, 16/16)
New England (Damien Woody, $5.17 million, 16/16)
Indianapolis (Marcus Washington, $4.17 million, 16/16, Pro Bowl)
Tennessee (Robaire Smith, $4.39 million, 16/16)

New England (Ted Washington, $3.5 million, 16/16)
Carolina (Jeno James, $3.52 million, 14/14)
Philadelphia (Carlos Emmons, $3.3 million, 15/15)
Carolina (Reggie Howard, $3.62 million, 15/3)
San Francisco (Jason Webster, $3.01 million, 10/9)
Philadelphia (Bobby Taylor, $2.95 million, 10/0)
Oakland (Charlie Garner, $2.91 million, 3/3 IR)

Indianapolis (David Macklin, $2.6 million, 16/16)
St. Louis (Brian Young, $2.51 million, 15/15)
Carolina (Deon Grant, $2.42 million, 16/16)
Dallas (Ebenezer Ekuban, $2.52 million, 16/11)
Baltimore (Marcus Robinson, $2.25 million, 16/7)
Oakland (Matt Stinchcomb, $1.9 million, 16/16)
Philadelphia (Bobbie Williams, $1.75 million, 16/16)

San Francisco (Tai Streets, $1.5 million, 13/12)
Seattle (Reggie Tongue, $1.33 million, 16/16)
St. Louis (John St. Clair, $1.3 million, 14/14)
Dallas (Mario Edwards, $1.5 million, 15/3)
San Francisco (Travis Kirschke, $1.6 million, 16/1)
St. Louis (David Loverne, $867,000, 15/13)
Philadelphia (Marco Coleman, $785,000, 16/16)
Seattle (Willie Williams, $760,000, 16/10)
New England (Bobby Hamilton, $685,000, 16/15)
Cincinnati (Matt O’Dwyer, $685,000, PUP 4/0)

03-21-2005, 08:38 PM
Yeah, I have followed him for a couple of years on kffl.com. ironically, one 6 of 32 that he missed was the Texans. I think it was like this year where he was unsure of some spare player(Keith Mitchell, I think) counted or not.

03-21-2005, 08:57 PM
I traded some posts with the guy on HPF over the Henson sign & trade. Adam was emphatic that the Texans had no chance at getting a deal done. I told him that the CBA provided a lot more flexibility in signing Drew than he believed. I guess he missed on that one, too.

After getting robbed by the Chiefs on that punter trade, I'd like to have another 7th rounder, at least. Good spot to find another long snapper. :)

03-22-2005, 08:48 AM
here you go, straight from NFL.com