View Full Version : Ahman Green + Maurice Clarrett = ???

08-30-2010, 03:55 PM
I saw this story last week about Ahman Green and Maurice Clarrett trying out for the UFL.

Turns out Clarett inked a deal and Green will be his mentor, pretty crazy situation, makes for a good story.

Geeez, the Texans and Ahman Green was a disappointing relationship.

UFL commissioner Michael Huygue had said that he wouldn't allow Clarett to sign with the Nighthawks unless the team provided a strong support system. Ahman Green, a native of Omaha and four-time Pro Bowler with the Green Bay Packers, has agreed to serve as Clarett's mentor.

"I met with Maurice Clarett today and additionally reviewed all of the reports surrounding his circumstances," Huygue said. "I support allowing his return to football and believe he will make the most of this opportunity with the Omaha Nighthawks."