View Full Version : From last night's game - Proud Mom play by play

08-27-2010, 06:42 AM
Sean was disappointed to be put back on JV again this year. The team has too many sr wide receivers, to put him up. We drove down to Clute (over an hour away) last night for the JV game. We arefielding 2 JV squads this year, the A team started their game at 7 last night (much later than expected).

The game was a real defensive battle, our defense stripped the ball and ran for a td on the first series and no score after that until they broke a run with 4 minutes left to tie the game at 6-6. After the kickoff, we are on our 30 and they rush the passer. Our QB gets rattled and heaves the ball 30 yds backwards. It goes into our endzone and Sean races up the field to knock the ball out of a defenders hands and out of the back of the endzone for a safety, saving a TD. The coach is planning a kickoff, when Sean reminds him that it is a free kick, so they have Sean free kick the ball. Nice kick down to the 25, the returner returns the ball back to mid field where he is met by (guess who???) Sean, Sean delivers a punishing hit, knocking the ball out. We recover. Our O-line does and outstanding job and we move the ball downfield and score to make it 12-8. We go for 2 and Sean catches a pass in the back of the endzone to make it 14-8 with 1 min left to play. The defense does its job, and we are finally on our way home at 9:30.