View Full Version : Yeller Lot Tailgaters?!?

08-26-2010, 04:45 PM
After sitting stagnant for 24 hours over in the "yellow/orange tailgate" message board, I though I had better post it here since we are at the eve of the eve of Football!
I just acquired my Yellow parking pass for the season!
I am normally a Blue Lot guy....
Who is the "blue-crew" equivalent in the Yeller Lot?(this should start some debate!)
I'm sure I will have to go and see my Brethren in the Platinum lot but I will need a closer tailgating local! I drive in from Austin and get there early some days and can kick back and enjoy some company and some good food, and on time for kick-off on others and I chug a beer on the way to the stadium with the wife in tow...
Looking forward to meeting Y'all :cowboy1:

Let me know! Any bull pen members or sec 117 in the yeller lot?