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08-12-2010, 08:23 AM
Barrett and I are, of course, incredibly excited about the season. The last game we watched the Texans play, we were jumping around Reliant Stadium convinced the Texans and the two of us were on our way to Cincinnati for a playoff game... Well, it all starts over on Saturday and Barrett and I have created a Texan Blog for intense Texan/NFL fans. Here is some of what we have planned during the season (starting tonight):

Texans Bull Blog (http://www.texansbullblog.com/?p=675&preview=true)

TBB Football Season Menu

Trying to cheer Barrett up yesterday on the phone, I explained to him that starting tonight, NFL football will be on an endless loop on the NFL channel until the regular season starts. Tonight (Thursday) is the first Monday night game of the year (Donít ask me to explain how that is possible, please). Also, the evil team from Southern Oklahoma plays their second preseason game. Finally, I think Carolina and Baltimore also play tonight. There is a solid schedule of games on both Friday and Saturday with our heroes playing in approximately59 hours! So, I wanted to give our new readers a list of what can be expected at TBB now that football season is upon us. By tomorrow morning, you will begin to see the framework of our weekly schedule of features/stories for the NFL season. Certainly, this is far from exhaustive, but here is a snapshot of what you can expect:

1, Enemy tracker- We will keep special attention on the happenings in Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Dallas. Beyond the box score and ESPN/NFL highlights, Barrett and I will be paying special attention (thank you DVR machine and NFL ticket) to each of their games, giving analysis as well as reporting any injury information or other pertinant information. (Yes, I know that Jacksonville isnít on the list. Iíve decided that they arenít good enough to make the list. If pigs fly then they can always be added at a later date). We will be regularly watching their message boards, reading their local fishwrap, etcÖ Itís a disgusting and gruesome job, but we are not above such things.

2. Opponent Preview- 24-48 hours before the game, we will offer an indepth preview of the Texans next opponent, complete with injury news, trends, statistics, etcÖ that will arm Texan fans with information valuable to enrich the gameday experience.

3. Texan Pregame- 4-12 hours before the game, we will discuss the Texansí matchup issues/strengths relative to their opponent. Discuss any injury issues the Texans are having. I am not exactly sure on the format but I promise you it will be much more detailed and interesting than what the Chronicle does with positions and checkmarks. By the way, we donít predict Texan game results. Weíre fans! Why on earth would I want to enter into a riveting/raucous/anxious/exciting 3 hours of football and mitigate my hope and experience by predicting the Texans to lose? So, donít visit TBB if youíre looking to see a score prediction.

4. Postgame reaction- Very soon after the game, we will (at minimum) write a story from a fanís perspective, giving reaction to what just happened and also discussing particular elements of the game. We may also supply some video/audio and certainly some gameday pictures of Texan home games.

5. Every Monday afternoon/ Monday evening will be our coach-speak segment. Here we will translate, with amazing insight and accuracy, the hidden meaning behind each word that our lovable leader gives us. We will link to the video on Texans TV and will lay out the entire transcript.

6. By Tuesday evening or Wednesday (of a normal Sunday game) we will submit our detailed review/analysis of the previous Texan game. Using the modern marvel of a digital video recorder, we will observe with obsessive-compulsive detail, the happenings of the interior offensive and defensive line and every thing else that occurred on the field that has (to that point) gone largely unnoticed by the sports media. EVEN IF THE TEXANS LOSE, WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! How is that for commitment?

Please be patient with any formatting issues this first week. It is preseason for TBB as well. But, we would love any feedback on other things you would like to see on the site as well as any navigational or content issues you experience on TBB. We want TBB to be a special place for looney Texan/NFL fans. Please help us get there.

08-12-2010, 08:29 AM
Seeing how that not so good Jacksonville team beat us last year (& from reports I've heard, they are better this year) I think you may need to go ahead and throw them on there. Especially since Dallas will only be semi-important (relevant) for three weeks anyway.

I like your idea, wish I had the energy or the capacity to do something similar. But the enemy list, should include everyone in our division, And all Wild-Card prospects.



08-14-2010, 02:45 AM
Sounds cool!

08-14-2010, 05:04 AM
Thank you!

Go Texans!!!