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07-30-2010, 12:22 PM
First year in a long time I don't feel anxious about the Texans. I am more comfortable that the roster is rounding into a top notch team. I am not concerned about opponents and don't see myself looking ahead on schedule and wonder what we will do. If the team follows the game plan, I can see 11-5. Kubiak more confident with new extention but will know he needs to get 'er done.

Offense first:

RBs:very solid trio and we should have a 4th sitting in the wings, maybe J. Johnson? This corps will make QB and Oline much better. SS is my concern as going back to rookie weight should help production but how does it help him to hold on to the rock? Tate to see a lot of TC action as Kubes needs to know what he has. Foster & Tate to be real good in red zone. I predict Slaton to get the start.
TEs will be a tool this season inside the 10 yards to goal line.

QB: Schaub may lose some on stats but will again have awesome year. At least now we know he can stay on field & that is why some of my stress has disappeared. Dan O. needs to step up & may be good for him that Grossman is gone.

WRs: AJ will push Jerry Rice to side & being only WR to have 3 seasons as NFL leading receiver. Jacoby to pro bowl.

TEs:barring injury most highly contested position other than RB.

Oline: uh oh. I just don't see much change here. I want Smith to beat out Studdard but predict Studdard and Myers will start. Competition will only be Briesel and Caldwell.

Will post defensive side soon

07-30-2010, 12:35 PM
My defensive take:

Dline: We don't have to sack the QB to win (9-7) but it helps. I don't see much better on this stat. However, I do think we will disrupt the QB much more and that may be enough. Should be able to stop the run all 16 games.

CB: Jackson concerns me but camp will tell me a lot. Man, I hope I'm wrong on this guy.I 'm expecting McCain to have a really solid season. Love his speed.
SS: Pollard for 16 should be sweet.
FS: Please, please, please Wilson be healthy!
LB: Not as concerned about Cush as most. Some are giving Cush's 4 games to Danny Clark but I'm not ruling out Bentley who can play all 3 spots. Adibi has to hold off Sharpton and go strong after Diles. Should be fun to watch.

Punter: I like Turk but Racker is good and younger. Either way team will be better than last year.

07-30-2010, 12:38 PM
Players I hope do very well but I have no reason to say they will:
Adibi, Bennett, Jeremiah Johnson, Sherrick McManus (I do like corners), Molden,Troy Nolan, Okam (I just can't seem to give up on him more than one week) Cole Pemberton T. 6'7" 313 whooeee!