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03-16-2010, 05:02 PM
This installment is about one of the most exciting player in the small school ranks. Florida A&M's returner LeRoy Vann. Most of you probably know a bit about him, maybe from the College Gameday spot on him. However, this kid has been on my radar since 2008, where he returned 3 punts for scores.





Punt Return- 1 for 9 yards
Kick Return- 3 for 34 yards (11 average)


Punt Return- 29 for 464 yards (16 yards) and 3 TD
Kick Return- 37 for 1101 yards (29.76 average) and 3 TD


Punt Return- 29 for 569 yards (19.62 average) and 5 TD
Kick Return- 40 for 818 yards (20.4 average)


As you can see, Vann was only the primary returner for his Junior and Senior seasons. Could you imagine the statistics he would have if he returned his entire career?


Vann is quick, and has spectacular vision. That is exactly the combination you want in a punt returner. He can see the seam, and hits it hard. His agility is equally stunning. Vann moves great laterally, as shown in the vid below.


Vann is quick rather than fast. He is not pulling away from FCS competition. I would predict him to have 4.5 ish speed. Also Vann will be strictly a returner at the next level. Defensively he is nothing special, maybe a 4th corner at best.

Draft Projection

7th Round

A returner with Vann's game-breaking ability will get a shot at the next level.


03-16-2010, 07:15 PM
cool video watching him run. He's exciting, but I'm not sure he get around pro players like he did college players. Still, he's good.