View Full Version : N.F.L. Will Be Playing Tag on Thursday

02-20-2010, 02:26 PM
Thursday is one of the most important days of the N.F.L. off-season. Itís the deadline for teams to prevent the departure of key unrestricted free agents by using their franchise and transition tags. In previous years, teams could use one tag or the other. In this uncapped year, they can use both tags or two transition tags (but not two franchise tags).

A franchise tag means a player will be paid the average salary of the top five players at his position. If another club wants a franchise-tagged player, that club will have to give up two first-round picks to the franchise-tagging team.

A transition tag gives the chosen player the average salary of the top 10 players at his position. The tagging team only has the right to match an offer; there is no draft compensation involved.

Teams have been reluctant to use their franchise tags thus far, but that could change this week. Here are some names youíll hear mentioned.