View Full Version : Uncapped Spendoholics May Seek Rehab Prior to 2010 Season

02-10-2010, 02:08 PM
Since it was first negotiated in 1992, the labor agreement between the NFL and its players' union that is based on the existence of a salary cap contained a provision that erased the salary cap from the final year of the deal. The goal was simple -- to give both sides a strong incentive to finalize an extension at least a year before the expiration of the agreement.

CBA may make it difficult for some teams to sign unrestricted free agents like Vince Wilfork.
For more than a decade, league observers assumed the disappearance of the salary cap would benefit the players since teams would have no spending restrictions and presumably would not be able to control themselves. (Otherwise, a salary cap never would have been needed.) As the date on which the cap will evaporate approaches, however, the uncertainty cuts both ways, just as the folks who drafted the original CBA envisioned.

We really don't know how teams will truly react........until the time comes, but this piece certainly gives pause to those convinced that we will be looking at a "Free-For-All" spending spree. Reading this article in full is worthwhile. (http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/article/2010-02-10/uncapped-year-could-be-far-tamer-ever-expected)