View Full Version : AJ:East-West game notes with a Texans spin

01-25-2010, 06:19 PM
I thought I'd pass along a few notes from my quick DVR review of the 85th East-West Shrine game played Saturday at Orlando.

The game was a yawner for three quarters but the action picked up in the 4th quarter and built to an exciting finish and a 13-10 win for Romeo Crennel's East squad.

Keep in mind that like the Senior Bowl, most of the player evaluations for the East-West are done during the week by coaches and scouts so the value of casual observations like this are questionable at best.

But I think it's worth sharing when I see players making plays. I'm also passing along observations made by ESPN's Todd McShay who was one of the color analysts on the television broadcast, along with Brian Griese.

I look at games like this and the Senior Bowl in the context of the Texans 2010 draft class and potential undrafted rookie signings. I also look at these games as an opportunity to start learning some names. And lest we forget, the game is played for a very good cause.

The Texans top five position needs are running back, interior offensive lineman, defensive tackle, cornerback and free safety. It was tough to make an assessment of interior line play in this one and there were no running backs that stood out. I bolded the names of guys who fit the category of making me notice and playing a position of need for the Texans.


01-28-2010, 02:49 PM
I was very interested in Marshall Newhouse the OLT of TCU who'll have to kick inside at the next level. He missed a block and allowed a TFL. He is a massive man....a little over weight, not much, and I believe he could thrive in our scheme. It's different going form inside to outside and visa versa...If we're going with pretty and fast at the top of our board I believe he is a viable option for a guard prospect in the third or fourth round.