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01-23-2010, 11:46 AM
The NFL and press is probably thrilled and chomping at the bits over the chance of a Manning vs Farve show down. Don't be shocked if there are extra calls that go in both the Colts, and Vickings way on Sunday. I know we all have seen great teams get calls before but just think about the cash and the media coverage the game would get. This game already gets that as it is with millions watching every year. Farve is on his way out while Manning is in his prime they know they know this might be their last chance to see two of the best QB's ever to play each other for the final time ever in the NFL on the biggest stage of them all. Do I want to see this happen? If it does then sure, I'd be excited for I know just what would be at stake but not if that means the other team is cheated on with bad calls. If it were to happen I'd watch the game without any doubt just like I always do but it should only happen by both teams winning fair and sqare a I think we'd all agree on that one thing. I think even more people would watch the game and T.V. ratings would jump if that is even possible anymore I think it is very much so. I am just throwing this out there for chat.

01-23-2010, 11:49 AM
I don't think the NFL cares that much about who gets in the game. Imagine the media scene in NY if the Jets made it? The Saints have become America's most loveable team ever since Katrina. Plus, it's the Super Bowl. The game is going to get unbelievably high ratings regardless of which teams are in it. It's a win-win for the NFL no matter who's playing in the game.

01-23-2010, 11:52 AM
You might be right but something tells me they want to see Manning against Brett.

01-23-2010, 07:05 PM
t’s the barbershop and water cooler talk across the country.

What Super Bowl matchup will yield the biggest ratings?

Many fans immediately look to market size and figure that the New York Jets have to be one of the teams.

And they’d be wrong.

“The matchup that will do the best is Indianapolis against Minnesota,” said former CBS Sports president Neal Pilson, who now runs his own consultancy firm. “It’s a matchup that features two marquee players in Peyton [Manning] and [Brett] Favre and the rating you’ll get for that exceeds any other combination.”

Pilson reasons that the New York market will already pull a big rating anyway and that the Jets being in the game won’t influence the ratings nationally more than Manning’s presence in the game could.

“Sure, you’d get the New York market, but you have to remember that the Jets are largely unknown as you get further away from the Hudson River,” Pilson said. “Networks don’t want Cinderella stories at the end. In baseball, college basketball and football, they want the strong, established teams.”

That’s why Pilson says the Jets against the Saints are the worst matchup.

There’s one caveat to all this analysis and that is that a less desirable matchup can yield a higher rating if the game is better. The quality of the game, Pilson says, overshadows the quality of the teams.


If CBS, which is broadcasting the game, gets the ideal matchup in the Colts and Vikings, Pilson said it could be worth up to about four million more viewers than the worst matchup in the Jets and Saints. The Super Bowl, with any combination of teams playing in it, is good for at least 90 million US viewers.


01-23-2010, 09:11 PM
Hey Wolf, I started a thread about this sort of thing a few threads under this one. Would you mind either reposting this in my thread or having them merged together? Just an idea you do not have to. Thanks man.