View Full Version : Here Are Some Random Thoughts About The Offseason Ahead

01-04-2010, 01:17 PM
Now that Gary has gotten one more season I have to say he showed me something with the win over the Pats. He really did not make any boneheaded choises through out the game. I still don't feel he deserves an extended contract. He might always get one either during the 2010 seaason or soon after in 2011 if all goes his way and things just might. As for this offseason watch flim on other great coaches and learn from them to do that apply what you have learnerd from the flims. I still say this team is just a secondary away from being at the very least a top ten D maybe even a top five. They'll be getting that 2/3 of the O line back and Myers must be replaced either via the draft or by starting Caldwell. Search the FA wire there are a couple of run stuffers out there. Draft a franchise RB and FS and get the secondary in tip top shape or close to it. This not likely to happen after just one draft I know but an RB should be found for sure and then fited somewhere in the mix with Slaton and Foster after cutting Chris Brown I hope. Maybe have a few backs on the PS and on the roster just like always. DRob should be let go to free up some cap space for certain that guy has just had his day. The biggest key is Gary learning how to call the game better timeout and play calling wise in the redzone and beyond. If he does that then next season only good things will happen but if not, then all bets will be off with me. I still do not know if Gary is the guy to take this team beyond the playoffs but he has to get them first and then we'll see. OD will be back in the passing game and Wilson should be back to help out the secondary. This team is headed down the right path with or without Gary regardless of wether or he is here after next season or not trust me folks. Just one game away from the playoffs and I am not going gaga over the win over the Pats or down on Gary right now I am just endifferent and reflecting on the Texans first winnng season in their franchise history. GO TEXANS

01-04-2010, 01:49 PM
Also, the Texans have to get the refs on their side by becoming a great team. LOL.