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12-25-2009, 12:27 PM
The Chicago Bears.


Holiday motorists in Arlington Heights are getting a look at a new billboard that doesn't exactly urge goodwill to all men -- or at least not to the men running the Bears.

The billboard, which went up Wednesday on Hintz Road just west of Schoenbeck Road, urges Bears ownership to fire coach Lovie Smith, general manager Jerry Angelo and the rest of the management team.

The sign, which was paid for by a group called Bears Fans United, urges the McCaskey family to fire all of them after the season. The Bears are 5-9 with two games left.

The billboard cost $3,000, and the group wants to raise another $13,000 to buy full-page newspaper ads.

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I think Lovie Smith is a good head coach...don't know so much about the coordinators but Lovie has done well going to a Super Bowl there and all. Its more on the front office for not drafting well and having a poor free agency track record. They've held on to too many players who're either not as good as they were before (Tilman, Vasher, the offensive line) or not as motivated (Tommie Harris, Lance Briggs) as they were before. Their offense is atrocious too, that group of receivers would be a bad unit in the UFL.