View Full Version : Opponent coach quotes – Houston Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak

12-23-2009, 05:35 PM
(On Andre Johnson and if still has anything to work on) – "I mean obviously he is a hell of a player, as good as I have ever been around. He has been special the last couple of weeks. I think he is going to continue to get better. What year is this for him? Six or seven? For me, since I have been here, he has played his best football the last two years. So he has gotten better for me each and every year. I don't see any reason that doesn't continue to happen. Very hard worker, takes good care of himself, studies football awfully hard. When you have those traits you tend to play a long time or play well for a well long time. So I think he is well on his way."

(On where he has seen the most growth by him as a player and as a person) – "I think really in his knowledge of the game. I always told him since I got him when you are that type of player obviously people try to game plan to take you away. The thing we have to build to do, we have to call on you to go play in a lot of spots and do a lot of things so you can't just lock down on one. He has worked really hard and we have been able to move him all over the place and not confuse him as a player. I think his overall knowledge of what we are doing; his knowledge of the game has continued to get better. His work habits have been the same since I have gotten here. That has never changed, his talent or work habits. But I think his knowledge of the game has gone to a new level."

(On the Dolphins defensive front) – "I think [in] the last month or so for us it will be the best pass rush we have faced. Obviously create big problems for you on

On if he is concerned that being the only team the Dolphins have never beaten may be tough to maintain) – "Does it concern me? You bet it does. You guys have a hell of a football team, and we have our work cut out for us from stopping the run, to how physical a football team you are, to protecting our quarterback. You have one of the best returners in the game that can break a game wide open, and we're coming on the road. There's a lot of things there that make it very, very difficult, but we're going to try to have a good week here and come down there and be at our best on Sunday. We're looking forward to coming down there, I have a lot of respect for Tony [Sparano], the organization, and the football team and the job he does."