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12-19-2009, 10:47 AM
This is a work in progress but here is the first ten picks for my mock draft, feel free to comment and enjoy!

Texan4Ever’s 2010 NFL Mock Draft

1.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ndamukong Suh, DT

Taking a DT in the first round is a BIG risk but Suh is a completely different player than the DTs that have come before him. He is a big guy who can still bulk up some more and become a dominate force in the interior. This should definitely help the Buccaneers revamp their defense which is in desperate need for a makeover.

2.) St. Louis Rams – Sam Bradford, QB

Marc Bulger is finished IMO so its time to get a franchise signal caller to lead the Rams. Suh would’ve been a nice addition to the Rams defense which is atrocious at best but with him off the board its time to think offense. Bradford is coming off a serious injury but I feel that he has accomplished a lot in college and is the best QB available in the draft.

3.) Cleveland Browns – Eric Berry, S

The Browns need help on both sides of the ball, however, their offense needs to figure out who there QB for the future will be and to me it seems like they should keep Brady Quinn since they’ve invested so much in him. There defense has the potential to play better and become a force so it would make sense for them to add a defensive playmaker like Eric Berry who could be the next Ed Reed.

4.) Detroit Lions – Russell Okung, OT

The Lions need help on defense the most, especially there defensive line and secondary and with a defensive minded coach, I think they would go defense here. That being said, the Lions chose Matthew Stafford as there QB of the future and it’s critical that they protect there investment. Jeff Backus has not done his job as there starting left tackle so its time to bring in someone who can. Russell Okung is a big OT who can take on the role of left tackle and protect Stafford for years to come and become a future Pro Bowl player.

5.) Kansas City Chiefs – Trent Williams, OT

The Chiefs need playmakers on defense now that they are running a 3-4 set but they could also use help on offense. After selecting Branden Albert in the first round last year to play OT, the Chiefs could use another OT and slide Albert back to his college position at offensive guard and place Williams at OT. Imagine Williams, Waters and Albert on an offensive line protecting Matt Cassel. Now, if they could only get another WR and RB they would be set.

6.) Washington Redskins – Jimmy Clausen, QB

With Jason Campbell set to become a FA, I don’t believe the Redskins will resign him so they draft Clausen to lead the Skins’. I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of Clausen but he is a good leader and has a strong arm and is a smart QB.

7.) Oakland Raiders – Taylor Mays, S

It’s always fun to predict who the Raiders will take and with Al Davis’s infatuation with physical freaks, Mays makes perfect sense…or at least of Al Davis. Standing at 6’3” 230-lbs, Mays is built like a weak side LB but has the speed of a DB and can really lay the wood on opposing WRs.

8.) Buffalo Bills – Dez Bryant, WR

The Bills need an OT and they need help on defense but with two of the top OTs gone Dez Bryant makes all the sense in the world. He has accomplished a lot in his college career and would be a good addition to the Bills who are in desperate need of a receiver who can perform well day in and day out unlike T.O.

9.) Seattle Seahawks – Corey Wootton, DE

The Seahawks need an OT to replace aging Walter Jones and they need a replacement QB for the future, but these positions can be addressed later on in the draft. The Seahawks could also use another pass rushing DE and Corey Wootton gets the nod over Greg Hardy. Standing at 6’7” 280-lbs, Wootton has had a productive career at Northwestern and is ready for the next level.

10.) Denver Broncos – Rolando McLain, OLB

Thanks to Da Bears, the Broncos get a top ten pick in 2010 and with a switch to a 3-4 defensive set, the Broncos could use an OLB to add to there defense. McLain is built like Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby and posses’ good speed for a LB his size. He has played well for the Tides and should be a dominate force in the NFL.

12-25-2009, 08:10 AM
11.) San Francisco 49ers - Joe Haden, CB

The 49ers need a young CB to develop and other then Nate Clements and Walt Harris (who are nearing the end of there careers), the other CBs on the roster are nothing more then career backups. Drafting Haden, who should start right away, is the first step in fixing the defensive secondary.

12.) Atlanta Falcons - Sean Weatherspoon, OLB

The Falcons need a CB, DE, and OLB but I feel that the only position worth drafting for at this point is OLB, the Falcons can grab a CB and DE later on. This may be early for Weatherspoon but there is a need at OLB and he will fill that spot nicely. He had 155 tackles his Junior year with 5 sacks and 3 INTs and is an excellent player at linebacker.

13.) San Francisco 49ers - Bruce Campbell, OT

The 49ers drafted Joe Staley to secure the left tackle position and now they need someone at right tackle. Campbell is the man for the job and has excellent size for an OT (6'7" 310-lbs). Not to mention, he is agressive and top-notch when it comes to pass protection.

14.) Miami Dolphins - Dan Williams, NT

Terrence Cody would make perfect sense but I don't see him as a Bill Parcels type of guy and at 365-lbs he needs to shed some weight before going pro. Williams on the other hand would be a good fit at NT and has the size (6'3" 325-lbs) to excell at the position.

15.) Tennessee Titans - Sergio Kindle, DE

The Tacks need a BIG DT...FAST! There defensive line has grossly underperformed but at this point there is no DT IMO worthy of a top 15 pick so Kindle gets the nod. Kindle can develop into a Jevon Kearse-type of player if he bulks up and even through many people see him as a hybrid 3-4 OLB I think he is suited to play DE in a 4-3 as he did at Texas.

12-26-2009, 10:12 AM
16.) Pittsburgh Steelers - Ciron Black, OT

The Steelers need to revamp there offensive line and it starts with the left tackle position. Even through the unit has started to play better...its not good enough. Adding a guy like Black will help shore up the left tackle spot and allow the Steelers to run the ball more effectiviely. Ciron Black is big and powerfull and has decent height and bulk needed to play OT well.

17.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Arrelious Benn, WR

The Jags need WRs and Benn provides them with a productive and strong WR who is able to fight for extra yards yet be quick enough to give DBs a tough time covering him. Benn would make David Garrarad a happy man.

18.) Houston Texans - Earl Thomas, S

If Thomas declares for the NFL Draft he should be on the Texans watch list. He had a productive season at Texas and is a true ball hawking safety that we've lacked. I truely believe that drafting Thomas will end our safety woes for good...or at least I hope so.

19.) New York Jets - Golden Tate, WR

The Jets have a solid defense but they need to work on there offense and give Mark Sanchez someone reliable to throw to. Golden Tate can become Sanchez's #1 receiver and although he lacks the ideal height of a WR (5'11") he is speedy and is powerfull then he looks and has good hands.

20.) New York Giants - Greg Hardy, DE

The Giants can always use an extra defensive linemen and Hardy would fill in nicely as a reserve DE or future starter. He has some issues with injuries and work ethic but there is no doubt he is one of the most productive players at his position. Hardy boasts 26.5 sacks and really knows how to create havoc in the backfield, something the G-Men are known for.