View Full Version : MNF: Thanks Blue Crew!

11-27-2009, 08:40 PM
I just want to thank the Blue Crew for one of the best times ever! Sorry it took me so long to get on, I caught a cold or sumthing from someone on the plane.

We ended up showing up around 5pm. Some of the best steak and chili I have every had. My friend (the Bills fan) was extremely impressed how everyone pooled everything together for multiple large tailgates. He was used to Buffalo's set up with everyone doing their own thing. I didn't even have to persuade him to come back next year with me LOL. The game was good (minus the score), I am only just getting my voice back.

Thanks everyone for the best time ever. Gotta say I loved the battle red koolaid. I got to meet alot of ppl on here, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING







Sorry for the small pics, i'll blow them up later when I get time