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11-11-2009, 04:53 PM
To add to Timekiller's takes!

Houston Texans at 12:51

1-10-HST 32 (12:51) M.Schaub sacked at HST 29 for -3 yards (D.Freeney).

4-man rush.
Texans blocked all to the left side to create a log jam in the middle.

It was past the 3-sec mark when Schaub pulled the ball back in as he couldn't find Walter open on the left side.
He should have been very much aware that Freeney was looping around D. Brown.
(He can see it as he looked at Walter.)
By the time Freeney got to Schaub, it was past the 4-sec mark.
Schaub needs to make his read quicker.
He had Moats wide open on the right flat as the hot receiver out of the backfield.
Basically, Schaub ran right into the sack.

Announcer: "I think Schaub is just holding on to the ball too long...
He even told us that when we spoke to him yesterday
- can't get caught holding the ball or the Dwight Freeney and Mathis will wreck your game plan."

And on the very first offensive play, Schaub did just the opposite of what he said he wanted to do!

2-13-HST 29 (12:20) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Johnson to HST 30 for 1 yard (D.Freeney, A.Bethea).

Quick screen pass to the left.
Perhaps Schaub should wait a little longer for D.Brown to get out there to put up a block as well as to draw Freeney in deeper.

3-12-HST 30 (11:40) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton to HST 37 for 7 yards (C.Session).

Screen pass to Slaton.
Myers couldn't quite get to Session.
The Texans set up the screen nicely.
Great block by White downfield. Studdard sealed off the back side.
Slaton started out too wide.
He should have made the cut back to the inside sooner.
Could have gain a couple more yards, but still short of the first down anyway.
It was too far and the Colts played it quite decently.

4-5-HST 37 (11:07) M.Turk punts 42 yards to IND 21, Center-J.Dreessen, fair catch by T.Rushing.


Houston Texans at 6:20, (1st play from scrimmage 6:11)

1-10-HST 28 (6:11) M.Schaub pass deep left intended for A.Johnson INTERCEPTED by J.Powers at HST 46.
J.Powers to HST 45 for 1 yard (A.Johnson).

With plenty of time, Schaub simply threw into triple coverage and right at Powers' numbers.


Houston Texans at 3:57

1-10-HST 36 (3:50) R.Moats left end to HST 36 for no gain (G.Brackett, A.Johnson).
They were in position to blow off both Guards in an instance, White more than Studdard.
It was by design, they did not allow Myers to latch on a defender.
Moats should have followed Leach to the outside.
Somewhere inside or outside of Brown.
He cut back in the worst place possible, between Studdard and White.

2-10-HST 36 (3:09) J.Jones right end pushed ob at HST 41 for 5 yards (A.Bethea). Handoff to S. Slaton.
Faked ZBS run left. Colts showed blitz with 7 and came hard.
85 and 80 can do a better job of blocking.
They allowed penetration that forced JJ to go a little deeper on the end-around than he wanted to.
Good job by Schaub trying to block on the play side.
He didn't engage anybody, but did all you can ask for of a QB blocking the end-around.

3-5-HST 41 (2:38) (Shotgun) PENALTY on HST-C.White, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at HST 41 - No Play.

3-10-HST 36 (2:21) M.Schaub scrambles left guard to HST 38 for 2 yards (J.Powers).

Schaub was put in 3rd and 10 situation, which is not the best to be in.
But he had more than 3 secs to move out to the left away from pressure.
He also had the safety valve Slaton, not that it would matter; we're not going to have the first down that way.
(But at least a better chance than Schaub running for it.)
The angle didn't show enough whether Schaub had a remote chance to throw for a first down.
Optimum, however, Schaub should have rolled out to his left sooner to buy a little more time.
The more important thing was that Schaub had one on one situations on his left with AJ and Anderson and he never even looked at those.
The Colts showed 7 but only rushed 4.

4-8-HST 38 (1:47) M.Turk punts 42 yards to IND 20, Center-J.Dreessen, fair catch by T.Rushing.

11-11-2009, 07:29 PM

So, how much of the lack of rhythm and ineffectiveness would you attribute to Schaub? Clearly, he wasn't playing well Sunday. But, I thought the playcalling was very suspect. Though it didn't work, I did like the reverse. I thought power running on the edges, three step drops, and misdirection should've been the focus in the first few drives.

what do you think?

11-12-2009, 12:45 PM

So, how much of the lack of rhythm and ineffectiveness would you attribute to Schaub? Clearly, he wasn't playing well Sunday. But, I thought the playcalling was very suspect. Though it didn't work, I did like the reverse. I thought power running on the edges, three step drops, and misdirection should've been the focus in the first few drives.

what do you think?

That was what I hoped for.

But I think after we stopped them on 4th and one (somewhat of a sudden change), Kubiak and Shannahan wanted to go with a pass to gain more yards.

We'd probably be better off with a few short passes if that's the case though.
Schaub had AJ and Casey open underneath.
Oh well!


And then the Colts went out for another long drive... and another long drive.
That probably threw Schaub's rythm off a little.

11-12-2009, 12:48 PM

We totalled only 7 offensive plays so far and trailed by 13

Houston Texans at 12:50, (1st play from scrimmage 12:45)

1-10-HST 17 (12:45) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep right to A.Davis.

Play action pass.
Davis had beaten the rookie Lacey and was wide open at the Colts 48 yd line.
Schaub's pass was just long.
That had a chance for a TD.

2-10-HST 17 (12:38) R.Moats right end to HST 21 for 4 yards (C.Session).

Myers was pushed into the running lane, but Moats found a crease just inside RT.
Caldwell released to take on the LB Session but couldn't hold him off.

(Notes: This is what I mean by an O-lineman - in this case, Myers -
can get pushed back but not harming the running play.
As long as he can hold the D-lineman just enough to create a gap is all that was needed.

On the back side, Anderson cut block Freeney and made him winced.
We don't want to hurt players, but this is what I think we needed to do.)

3-6-HST 21 (11:57) M.Schaub sacked at HST 14 for -7 yards (sack split by D.Freeney and R.Mathis).

Freeney pushed Brown right into Schaub (about 2 secs.)
Mathis also came around Winston, but I would put this one on Brown.
Schaub was taking a 7-step drop and I don't want to pile on him no more, LOL!
But with the combo blocks in the middle, as well as Slaton releasing vertically,
I would think that he wants to be aware of the edges and to get ready to step up the pocket quickly as needed.
You just can't simply assume and hope that outside protection would hold up on 3rd and long.

4-13-HST 14 (11:26) M.Turk punts 52 yards to IND 34, Center-J.Dreessen. T.Rushing to IND 36 for 2 yards (C.Barwin, K.Bentley).


11-12-2009, 12:50 PM
Houston Texans at 8:18

1-10-HST 11 (8:18) (Run formation) R.Moats left end pushed ob at HST 17 for 6 yards (C.Session).

Good job by Dreessen to take on the SAM LB 50 Wheeler, allowing Moats to go around the edge.

2-4-HST 17 (7:53) (Run formation) R.Moats right tackle to HST 23 for 6 yards (M.Bullitt).

Moats started right, but cut back to the left.
Good blocks on the back side by 64, 76, and 44.

1-10-HST 23 (7:13) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to J.Dreessen pushed ob at HST 29 for 6 yards (J.Lacey).

Quick pass for Dreessen in motion to the right flat.

2-4-HST 29 (6:52) (Run formation) R.Moats right end to HST 34 for 5 yards (C.Session). R2
PENALTY on IND- LT Johnson, Face Mask (15 Yards), 15 yards, enforced at HST 34. X3

We started with a mid zone run strong side right.
Good combo blocks play side.
64 a little late to seal off the running lane, but Moats was able to make the DT miss.
He would have gained 4-5 more yards, but this was good enough for a first down.

1-10-HST 49 (6:27) R.Moats right end to IND 46 for 5 yards (M.Bullitt, C.Session).

Good combo blocks play side.
After Winston released the LDE, Hill wasn't quite able to hold him off.
Same thing with Caldwell after Myers released the LDT.
But Moats slipped through for a 5-yd gain. Could have been a few more.
Good block by 83 on the outside.
Freeney was cut block again, this time by Dreessen on the back side.

2-5-IND 46 (5:45) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to A.Johnson to IND 40 for 6 yards (J.Lacey, A.Bethea). P4

With enough cushion, AJ gained 6 yds on a quick pass and a first down.

1-10-IND 40 (5:08) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to J.Dreessen.

62 & 55 started with a combo block on the LDT.
Freeney beat 76 to the inside, 64 picked him up.
55 slipped over to take on the RDT.
The LDT disengaged from 62 with a spin move and a swat to the head and deflected the ball.

2-10-IND 40 (5:04) M.Schaub pass short right to A.Hill pushed ob at IND 31 for 9 yards (J.Powers, E.Foster).
Colts rushed 3.
Freeney got around Brown and had a hand on Schaub's jersey tail, but he was able to get off a quick pass to Hill.
Schaub needs to step up the pocket sooner.
Good job by Hill fighting 25 & 27 for extra yardage.

3-1-IND 31 (4:33) (Run formation) R.Moats up the middle to IND 31 for no gain (D.Muir).

The Colts loaded their right side; we decided to run that way anyway.
33 shot off the edge; both 85 & 44 picked him up too deep in the backfield.
There were other guys out there on the edge so Moats decided to cut back inside.
62 couldn't get enough of a push.
83 couldn't sustain the LDT (asking a little too much there.)
We optioned the LDE but he was not involved in the play.
Looks like it was supposed to go outside all the way.
There was really no plan for a cut back lane.
Maybe Moats should have ran behind 76 & 64 & 55.
They didn't get the big initial surge, but they did got the push a little later.
Perhaps, Moats saw that the LDT was able to penetrate ahead of Caldwell's block and didn't want to venture there.

Timeout #1 by HST at 03:47.
4-1-IND 31 (3:47) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Johnson to IND 21 for 10 yards (J.Powers, P.Wheeler).

Quick pass. AJ gained 10 yds easily on a stop route.

1-10-IND 21 (3:08) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Johnson to IND 10 for 11 yards (M.Bullitt, J.Powers). P6

A quick slant route AJ on Powers again, this time with cushion.

1-10-IND 10 (2:30) (Pass formation) M.Schaub pass short left to R.Moats to IND 1 for 9 yards (A.Bethea).
Indianapolis challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED.
(Pass formation) M.Schaub pass short left to R.Moats to IND 1 for 9 yards (A.Bethea). FUMBLES (A.Bethea), ball out of bounds
in End Zone, Touchback.

I think Bethea touched the ball with his fingers when he was out of bound.
That caused the ball to stay in the field of play.
Oh well.


11-12-2009, 12:51 PM
Houston Texans at 0:56

1-10-50 (:56) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to D.Anderson to IND 39 for 11 yards (J.Powers, A.Bethea). P7

Quick slant, and a good move by Anderson to get the first down.

1-10-IND 39 (:36) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton to IND 36 for 3 yards (J.Lacey).
PENALTY on HST-J.Jones, Offensive Offside, 5 yards, enforced at IND 39 - No Play.

1-15-IND 44 (:30) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short right to K.Walter [R.Mathis].

Colts blitzed 5. Winston slid out to take the OLB.
White didn't pick up the LDE quickly enough.
Schaub got hit on the high throw.

2-15-IND 44 (:26) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass incomplete short right to J.Jones.

JJ dropped the 8-yd pass attempt.

3-15-IND 44 (:22) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to J.Jones to IND 38 for 6 yards (C.Session, J.Lacey).

Swing pass to JJ gaining enough yards for a long FG

Timeout #2 by HST at 00:02.
Timeout #1 by IND at 00:02.
4-9-IND 38 (:02) K.Brown 56 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-J.Dreessen, Holder-M.Turk.
HST 3 IND 13, 5 plays, 12 yards, 0:56 drive, 15:00 elapsed

11-19-2009, 11:42 AM
Bye week, got to find something to do!


Houston Texans at 15:00, (1st play from scrimmage 14:57)

1-10-HST 14 (14:57) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Johnson to HST 25 for 11 yards (M.Bullitt, P8

Good protection.
Colts rushed 4.
Myers started by helping White with a hand on 68 LDT Foster, then turned to combo with Studdard on RDT 99.
Studdard in turn, sliced over to help Brown on Freeney.
Moats chipped Foster before releasing out of the backfield.
Mathis got past Winston and would have gotten to Schaub in 2-1/2 secs but the pass was already off.

1-10-HST 25 (14:22) (Run formation) R.Moats right tackle to HST 32 for 7 yards (C.Session, A.Johnson).

Texans straight I, TE Casey strong right.
Colts in 4-3

ZBS run started to the right (strong side.)

Dreeseen got a good push on the SAM 50.
Winston took Mathis to the outside just enough for Moats to slip through inside RT.
Leach had gone up and to the outside to take on the MLB 58;
we had plenty of room out there near the side line.
Mathis disengaged to stop Moats from following Leach.
(Could have been a first down or more.)

Combo block by Myers & White pushed the LDT 68 Foster all the way back.
White then switched to help Leach on the LB 58.

Great block by Brown to seal off both the RDT 99 Johnson & RDE 96 on the back side.
64 got a block on the WILL 55 Session but couldn't hold on for long (still a good job.)

Moats went up behind 64.
Session stopped Moats' momentum.
The RDT Johnson came back and finished the play together with the safety Bethea.

Could have been a few more yards with a better block from Studdard,
and an outside chance for a first down (3-5 more yards.)

Also, Moats probably could have done better cutting back to the inside of Studdard
instead of going outside (maybe a couple more yards.)

2-3-HST 32 (13:44) (Run formation) R.Moats left tackle to HST 34 for 2-1/2 yards (R.Mathis).

Roughly the same formation for both sides.
ZBS weak side left.

Good blocks by all the linemen, but Dreessen couldn't finish the back-side cut block on Mathis.
76 took the RDE 96 to the outside.
64 blocked in on the 99 RDT.
Moats would go between them before being tackled by Mathis - who pursued from the back side.

The WILL 55 went inside of the RDT 99; Leach took him on with a big blow.
Myers slipped out to neutralize the MLB 58.
63 & 73 doubled on 68 LDT.

Could have easily been a first down (and more) with a good block from 85 Dreessen.
How much would depend on Walter's block on the RCB 25 (it looked good).

3-1-HST 34 (13:08) S.Slaton left tackle to HST 38 for 4 yards (Mathis).

Texans with Slaton as single back, TE strong left.
3 wides, spread them out and run.
Colts in nickel (4-2).

Similar play but without Leach and the WILL.
Dreessen did a little better job for Slaton, but Mathis still made the tackle from the back side.
4-yd run weak-side for a first down; we'll take it.

76 & 64 took their men to the outside.
Myers and White started on the LDT 99
before Myers slipped out to take on Session 55; all to the outside.
Slaton went up inside the pile.
Winston took on 58.

11-19-2009, 11:44 AM
1-10-HST 38 (12:33) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass deep middle to K.Walter to IND 43 for 19 yards (J.Powers). P10

Plenty of time for Schaub (more than 4 secs).
Colts rushed 5; we had 7 blocking.

Play action fake froze the other 2 LBs.
Walter slipped behind 58 Brackett.

1-10-IND 43 (11:50) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass incomplete short middle to A.Johnson (G.Brackett).

Plenty of time.
Dangerous pass by Schaub; perhaps he didn't see Brackett dropping back behind the Ref.
He almost intercepted the ball.

Play action fake again, but this time Brackett didn't buy it.
Good thing, he dropped the sure INT.

2-10-IND 43 (11:45) S.Slaton left tackle to IND 40 for 3 yards (R.Brock, G.Brackett).

Slaton as single back, TE strong right, 3-wides.
Colts in nickel.

Slaton weak-side run left.

Myers cleared out the RDT along with 76 on the RDE.
Winston got a good push on the LDT.
Slaton went up inside Myers and behind Winston.

Both Studdard and White missed their blocks on the LBs;
they clamped up Slaton from either side, around Winston's block.
LDE Brock was optioned and joined in for the tackle.
Dreessen released to take on the nickel back (who played at SAM position).

With a decent-to-good block by Studdard, Slaton could have bounced back outside for more yardage.
(Depends on AJ's block, which looked good).

3-7-IND 40 (11:03) (Shotgun) M.Schaub scrambles left tackle ran ob at IND 21 for 19 yards.

Mathis got around Winston and almost got to Schaub (just under 3 secs).
But because of this, the whole right side was empty.
Our guys had taken the other 3 linemen to the left.

Good blocks by Slaton and AJ downfield.
55 Session overpursued and ran right past Schaub.

Schaub looked like the Slaton of last year there, LOL;
he even had the presence of mind to switch the ball to the outside
as he ran past the RCB (whom AJ blocked).
Maybe we can put Schaub at RB, LOL!

11-19-2009, 11:46 AM
1-10-IND 21 (10:36) (Run formation) R.Moats up the middle to IND 20 for 1 yard (C.Session).

Texans in straight I, TE strong right.
ZBS run right.
Colts in 4-3 and brought Bullitt to the LOS weak side, outside the RDE 96.

76 missed the cut block on the RDE 96.
This would have slowed down the WILL - who lined up outside the RDE (and inside of Bullitt).
Leach came up and cut block the RDE.
The WILL 55 Session was free to tackle Moats.

The other 3 D-linemen flowed all the way to the front side of the play.

Moats had plenty of room up the middle.
With a good block by 76, Leach could take on the MLB.
The next defender would have been the lone safety downfield.
Depending on how AJ blocked the RCB (it was looking good again),
Moats could have had the first down
and would be free to go one-on-one with the FS.

2-9-IND 20 (9:56) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass deep middle to K.Walter to IND 2 for 18 yards (M.Bullitt).

Good protection all around. Plenty of time.
Pass was a little high. Great catch by Walter.

11-19-2009, 11:47 AM
1-2-IND 2 (9:20) (Run formation) R.Moats right tackle to IND 1 for 1 yard (G.Brackett, J.Lacey).

The Colts just had more bodies than us at the POA.
They stacked the middle with 10; we had 8 blocking.
Leach couldn't make the key block.

Good block by Dreessen and Winston on the right side.
Moats followed Leach inside RT.

Leach had 3 guys in front of him as he crossed the LOS.
27 on his right; 58 and 33 on his left.

Leach couldn't square up on 27 Lacey; too bad.
That would allow Moats to bounce to the outside behind Dreessen and toward the corner for a TD.

27 Lacey turned Moats back inside and made the tackle as the other defenders arrived.

We had AJ in one-on-one on the left side; but the Texans let him rot over there,
reading the newspaper and sipping his coffee.
But the most hideous thing was to send Walter in motion from wide right back to the middle.
(He would cut block the pursuing LB on the back side - unnecessarily).
Meanwhile, the LCB 27 followed Walter in and became the stopper of the play.

Also, Moats could have scored a TD if the Texans would let him have the freedom to go outside RT
instead of following Leach to the inside.

11-19-2009, 11:48 AM
2-1-IND 1 (8:36) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to R.Moats for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN. P13

Texans in Power formation.
Both teams stacked the middle.
The Colts overloaded their right side (our left) where AJ lined up outside and behind TE Hill.
As we sent AJ in motion to the right next to Dreessen, the Colts didn't quite adjust their formation.

They had 27 close to the LOS across AJ and 25 in the back to help;
ie. a lot of room on that side.

Nice play action fake with AJ, and a run fake with Leach.

AJ ran toward the post, taking 25 with him and froze the safety 33 in the middle.
Dreessen and Winston blocked in.
Leach started to the outside, then went up between Dreessen and Winston.
Schaub faked a hand-off to Moats.
This froze 27 Lacey - who bought the run.
Moats slipped outside to take the easy pass from Schaub for a TD.

K.Brown extra point is GOOD, Center-J.Dreessen, Holder-M.Turk.
HST 10 IND 13, 12 plays, 86 yards, 6:29 drive, 6:29 elapsed

11-19-2009, 01:04 PM
Houston Texans at 6:39

1-10-HST 16 (6:39) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short left to V.Leach to HST 20 for 4 yards (M.Bullitt, J.Powers).

Colts rushed 6; good protection for the most part,
except for Slaton (he did manage to sustain the block long enough though.)

Schaub went with a quick pass to the hot receiver Leach out of the backfield.
Leach made Bullitt miss to gain an extra 2 yards.
Everybody looks more elusive than Slaton now, LOL!

2-6-HST 20 (6:06) (Run formation) R.Moats right end to HST 21 for 1 yard (G.Brackett).

Studdard was pushed toward the running lane.
There was a big gap between Myers and Studdard originally,
but Studdard was overpowered.
Moats didn't have much chance to go uphill.

3-5-HST 21 (5:23) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass deep right to J.Jones to IND 34 for 45 yards (J.Lacey). P14

Colts rushed 6 again.
Excellent blockings. Slaton did better.

11-19-2009, 01:06 PM
1-10-IND 34 (4:36) (Run formation) S.Slaton left tackle to IND 31 for 3 yards (J.Thomas).

Caldwell couldn't quite sustain the block on LDT 68 Foster.
He got pushed backward into Slaton.
Leach couldn't get a clean block on the LB 50 Session ahead of Slaton.

2-7-IND 31 (3:52) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass incomplete short left to A.Hill.

RDT Foster got past 64 with an inside-outside move and got to Schaub's feet at the 3-sec mark.
He stumbled and didn't have a chance to get Schaub down unless Schaub chose to stand still.
(Studdard might have gotten away with grabbing Foster's left foot.)

The Colts was in single safety deep.
AJ got past the LCB on the right side line; but somehow Schaub hesitated.
The safety was just outside the hash marks;
I doubt very much that he can get there to help on a throw to the outside and over the top.

Anyway, Schaub finally pulled the ball down and did the correct thing throwing the ball away.

3-7-IND 31 (3:45) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to A.Johnson to IND 15 for 16 yards (G.Brackett). P15

We sent Slaton into motion to the right wide-out spot and found out the Colts were in zone coverage.
Dreessen sat on the underneath route.
AJ slipped in behind him downfield to catch the quick pass from Schaub.
Good pass into the zone seam.

11-19-2009, 01:08 PM
1-10-IND 15 (3:08) (Run formation) S.Slaton right tackle to IND 13 for 2 yards (P.Wheeler, A.Bethea).

Weak-side run left.
The RDE beat Brown to the inside, basically shut down the running lane.
Slaton cut back but didn't head downhill right away.

Gibbs didn't look too happy; he chewed out Steve on the side line.
(I don't think it mattered anyhow.
Maybe he can gain another yard, maybe not.
The Colts were ready.)

2-8-IND 13 (2:30) (Run formation) R.Moats left tackle to IND 9 for 4 yards (D.Muir, R.Mathis).

ZBS run off-LG.
Caldwell was sent flying toward Moats who avoided him.
Studdard was weak at the POA, Leach ran right into him.
Too bad, we had good blockings on the second level with Winston, Myers and Dreessen.

3-4-IND 9 (1:48) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to A.Johnson to IND 1 for 8 yards (A.Bethea, R.Brock). P16
HST-A.Johnson was injured during the play. His return is Probable.

Texans in spread.
Colts rushed 3.
Dreessen ran a post route ahead of AJ to pick off the defender.
AJ slanted in front of the screen to take the quick pass.

11-19-2009, 01:10 PM
1-1-IND 1 (1:19) (Run formation) M.Schaub up the middle to IND 1 for no gain (C.Session).

Texans in power formation.
Colts with 5 down-linemen.
It was to be a QB sneak between Myers and Studdard.

The NT had a helmet on Myers to deliver first blow;
Myers fought back and pushed him more than a yard into the end zone.

The RDT slanted inside of Studdard.
Schaub's left knee was caught behind Studdard, the RDT underneath them both.
Schaub tried to go outside of Studdard but couldn't make it in.
Basically, Studdard needs to do a better job to prevent the defender to slant into the spot where the QB tries to sneak to.

Too bad, we pulled both tackles to try to confuse the Colts and ended up hurting ourselves.
There was nobody to take on 55 Session in the void of Brown.
Session made the tackle to stop Schaub from getting into the end zone.

On the other side, Caldwell was also pushed back initially;
but like Myers, he also fought back; the LDT Foster had to resort to the outside.
Schaub could have gone in between Myers and Caldwell.
Even though Caldwell ended up on the ground,
Schaub can still trip and fall easily over him into the end zone.

11-19-2009, 01:12 PM
2-1-IND 1 (:38) (Run formation) R.Moats right guard to IND 1 for no gain (E.Foster, K.Dawson).

More or less the same formation for both sides.
Now we tried to go behind Caldwell, but this time he couldn't answer the bell, what poor timing, LOL!
Foster got underneath Caldwell, levered him off the ground and turned him over on all four.
Leach went up and got caught by Caldwell feet; Moats ran right into the pile.
Too bad, Moats could have gone either way and scored but he had to run into Leach's back.

On the outside, Winston and Hill had the double team on the LDE;
Dreessen had taken Bullitt out wide and neutralize him.
On the inside, Myers had gone into the endzone to temporarily take out both the MLB and the WILL.
Moats would have been successful easily had he bounced to either side a little sooner.
By the time he ran into Leach's back, it was already late.

Even so, Moats almost bulled his way in across 58 Brackett and 41 Bethea
with the help from Leach and Studdard pushing from the back.
Too bad, the RDE 96 Dawson came over and helped pull him back.
Foster also reached underneath and between Leach's legs to grab Moat's feet.

Butler had cut block 96 Dawson; but the RDE 96 fell sitting down on Butler
and was able to brace his right hand on Brown to get up.
(Brown had gotten on top of the RDT to pin him on the ground).

11-19-2009, 01:13 PM
3-1-IND 1 (15:00) S.Slaton right tackle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.

Finally, the Texans decided to quit banging their own heads against the brick wall
and took the easy way in for a TD.

They spread the Colts out and punch it in with Slaton.
Colts had to go with a nickel defense.

Walter and Anderson on the left warranted 3 defenders to stay away from the middle.
AJ on the right took out another DB
and also demanded that the safety 41 stay home, guarding the post route.

With Dreessen at TE strong left, we had 6 on 6 blockings.
At the POA, it would be Studdard, Myers, and Caldwell.
Slaton would go in between 64 and 62.
As long as that gap is maintained, it should be a breeze
as Myers went into the end zone and took out 55 Session.
The RDT slanted toward Myers' side and under Studdard.
64 just had to get down on top of him.
The LDT Brock tried to penetrate to the outside of Caldwell.
That left the middle wide open.

We started the train to the right;
that took both the LDE and LDT away from the POA.
Slaton started right;
that helped to freeze the safety 41 Bethea to the outside long enough
for Slaton to cut back inside.
Dreessen couldn't get to the remaining LB 58 Session, but it doesn't matter.
He was just a little too far from the POA.

K.Brown extra point is GOOD, Center-J.Dreessen, Holder-M.Turk.
HST 17 IND 13, 12 plays, 84 yards, 6:41 drive, 0:02 elapsed

11-19-2009, 03:07 PM

Houston Texans at 12:31

1-10-HST 24 (12:31) M.Schaub pass incomplete deep left to A.Johnson (T.Jennings) [D.Freeney].

Freeney got past Brown on the inside and would have gotten to Schaub in about 2 secs.
But that did not affect the pass.

Schaub had to throw over Session, a little to the outside, and behind AJ.
The ball was also a little late; 23 Jenning cut under the route and almost had himself an easy INT.
Had Schaub thrown the ball a tad earlier, he wouldn't have to worry about Session.
The pass left Schaub's hand as AJ made his inside turn past the first down marker, which was late;
AJ had to slow down and was still a couple of steps ahead of the throw.

2-10-HST 24 (12:26) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to R.Moats to HST 29 for 5 yards (J.Lacey, P.Wheeler).

Quick screen pass to Moats.
A fraction too quick to allow the linemen to get out in front to block.
White was far from getting to Session.

3-5-HST 29 (11:43) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to D.Anderson to HST 29 for no gain (C.Session).

Same thing again.
Winston didn't quite have the time to get to Session.

4-5-HST 29 (11:10) M.Turk punts 38 yards to IND 33, Center-J.Dreessen. T.Rushing to IND 39 for 6 yards

11-19-2009, 03:08 PM
Houston Texans at 7:11, (1st play from scrimmage 7:06)

1-10-HST 21 (7:06) R.Moats left tackle to HST 17 for -4 yards (D.Freeney).

It was supposed to be a weak-side run from a single backfield formation.
Brown got pushed a little too much to the inside;
Dreessen let Mathis get ahead to pursue the play from the back side.
AJ couldn't get a hand on the RCB 23 Jennings.

Moats tried to bounce to the outside, but ran into the back of Brown as Freeney and Jennings arrived.
Moats should have cut to the outside sooner though.

This one really was on Dreessen and not Brown.

Timeout #1 by HST at 06:20.
2-14-HST 17 (6:20) (Run formation) M.Schaub pass short right to K.Walter to HST 26 for 9 yards (P.Wheeler, J.Lacey).

Quick pass to Walter who slanted in under Dreessen in the middle.

3-5-HST 26 (5:39) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to J.Dreessen to HST 35 for 9 yards (T.Jennings). P18

Another quick pass, this time to the side line.
Dreessen ran a quick out route underneath AJ and Anderson.

11-19-2009, 03:12 PM
1-10-HST 35 (5:03) (Run formation) S.Slaton right tackle to HST 39 for 4 yards (C.Session, A.Bethea).

Texans in straight I, TE strong right.
ZBS inside RT.

Good blocking on the right by Dreessen.
Winston and Myers can be a little stronger.

2-6-HST 39 (4:24) S.Slaton left end to HST 40 for 1 yard (D.Freeney, A.Bethea).
PENALTY on HST-K.Studdard, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at HST 39 - No Play.

2-16-HST 29 (4:17) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton to HST 34 for 5 yards (E.Foster).

Quick screen pass to Slaton on the right.
White couldn't latch on to Foster long enough.
Looks like Foster got away with a face mask penalty.
We really can slow down these screen plays just a hair
to draw their defensive linemen in another half a step or so.
That would also give the our O-linemen time to get out on the blocks.
Neither Winston nor Myers was quite ready either.

3-11-HST 34 (3:36) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass deep left to A.Johnson to IND 42 for 24 yards (M.Bullitt). P19

Anderson ran a deep go route from the slot stretching the Colts zone deep for AJ underneath.
Excellent blockings.
Freeney spun inside, but Studdard came over quickly to give him a jolt.
Myers and White picked up the stunt.
Winston had been good on Mathis pretty much the whole day.

11-19-2009, 03:14 PM
1-10-IND 42 (2:59) (Run formation) R.Moats right guard to IND 42 for no gain (C.Session, J.Powers).

Leach couldn't get to Session.
Powers got off Walter and was really quick to the gap.
We had no blocking there.

2-10-IND 42 (2:20) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle intended for D.Anderson INTERCEPTED by C.Session (G.Brackett) [G.Brackett] at
IND 32. C.Session to IND 40 for 8 yards (D.Anderson).

Schaub should have gone with Anderson on the underneath route to the outside. Shorter, quicker, and safer.
He was open and had an excellent chance for a first down, at the very least close to it.
Oh well.

11-19-2009, 03:49 PM
Houston Texans at 1:46

1-10-HST 15 (1:46) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to J.Jones to HST 23 for 8 yards (C.Session).

LDT Foster penetrated outside of Caldwell; LDE Mathis stunted behind him to the inside.
Caldwell let Foster go a little too early before Winston can latch on.
The pass was just off as Foster put the hit on Schaub a hair past the 2-sec mark.
Slaton picked up Mathis.

2-2-HST 23 (1:27) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to K.Walter to HST 36 for 13 yards (G.Brackett). P20

Mathis went around Winston on the outside; Slaton picked him up.
Winston might recover in time, but we can't for sure.
Good protection otherwise.

1-10-HST 36 (1:06) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to A.Johnson to HST 45 for 9 yards (J.Powers, J.Lacey).

Plenty of time.

2-1-HST 45 (:49) (No Huddle) M.Schaub spiked the ball to stop the clock.

3-1-HST 45 (:48) M.Schaub pass short right to K.Walter pushed ob at IND 47 for 8 yards (A.Bethea). P21

Good protection.

1-10-IND 47 (:44) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short middle to D.Anderson to IND 39 for 8 yards (C.Session).

Good protection.

2-2-IND 39 (:26) (No Huddle, Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to S.Slaton pushed ob at IND 39 for no gain (J.Lacey).

Foster penetrated to the outside of Caldwell.
We lost 9 secs on the clock as Schaub scrambled to the outside and should have thrown the ball away
instead of dumping the ball to Slaton; he was not going to go anywhere.

Schaub probably should have helped out Caldwell by stepping up the pocket.
We had 3 receivers on the left.
Both the RCB and the nickel back stayed in the short zones on Anderson (slot receiver).
Walter (wide-out) ran a post route and took away the safety.
A.D. (lined up almost as a TE) was in isolation with the LB 58 (middle zone).
He had outside position and had a great opportunity for a TD in the left corner.

Stepping up the pocket would allow Schaub to keep his eyes on all these 3 receivers
while not losing precious time on the clock.
Scrambling outsides gave him no chance for anything.

3-2-IND 39 (:17) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short right to A.Johnson ran ob at IND 32 for 7 yards. P22

Quick pass to get in FG range.

1-10-IND 32 (:14) (Shotgun) M.Schaub pass short left to J.Jones to IND 24 for 8 yards (J.Powers).

Another quick pass.
I imagine we just wanted to get closer and chose not to go for a long pass.
I dunno. With 14 secs left, can we take about 5 secs to look for one downfield?
Oh well, loosing a few seconds earlier seems rather costly now.

2-2-IND 24 (:01) M.Schaub spiked the ball to stop the clock.

Good try but a little too late and not quite enough.

At any rate, it seems we left a lot of yards on the ground for one reason or another.

11-19-2009, 04:11 PM
So it seems Studdard and Caldwell grade out the lowest in the running game.
Based on the number of snaps involved, I'm sorry to report that Caldwell isn't quite ready yet.

Third from the bottom would be White.

In the passing game, Brown had problems with Freeney;
and Caldwell with Foster.

But I've noted in the scouting report on the Colts,
Freeney is having a great year and Foster is having a good one himself.

I actually think that Caldwell has improved quite a bit from PS form, and a whole lot from his college day.
He just needs more reps facing different D-linemen around the league.