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02-22-2005, 05:12 AM
DEFENSE (please excuse spelling & grammer im dyslexic)

When i first started looking at 2005 and who we need to draft or sign in free agency, my initial reaction was to get one of the top two cornerbacks in draft. (Rolle or Jones)

My reasons being that having to face indy twice a year you are going to want to have the best secondary possible, however i have now changed my mind, i reckon Glenn has got at LEAST one more good season in him probably 2, and i have no problems having him alongside Dunta with Faggins backing him up in the mean time, who knows in a years time Faggins may prove that he is worthy of the starting spot, but even if he dosent thats ok cus we should still be in a position to draft "probably" one of the top 3 rated CB next year if the need is there.

Personally i agree with some that our secondary is strongest point on the team, Im v high on Earl, while i dont think he is a elite safety, i cant see drafting davis would be VALUE FOR MONEY, im not saying he would not be a upgrade, but do we really need a safety that bad in light of our other team needs? Personally i would prefer we use the money/high draft picks on the front 7.........

The front 7 is probably jointly the weakest part of the team along with oline.
While there are some positives, namely smith babin and sharper, im not that high on the rest, ill start with the front 3.

Smith is a keeper, considering last year was his first year in the scheme i think he did admorably (he should be considering the money we spent) but the other two are getting old and injured all the time, if we dont get straight replacements we at least need better guys in the rotation. Personally if it was my decision i would go after Spears in the first at #13, and possible a nose tackle in the second. I say possibly as i still have a incling that maybe smith could be our future NT??? not sure any thoughts?? either way im sure most would agree that this would be a huge upgrade, and probable good value for money.

Our linebackers as i said i am not that high on apart from Sharper and Babin, but im hoping that behind a new front 3 there production will increase significantly, this also goes for the secondary as less pressure will be on them.
Truthfully despite our problems in this area im not sure what to do, i cant see any great players that will help us in the draft /free agency that offer good value for money. (i dont think wass his name will be here at #13) possible this may be addressed with picks in the lower rounds, but i dont think we can expect any new starters, just projects and backups.

Anyway thats my thoughts on the defense now the offense......

02-22-2005, 05:33 AM

Well lets start at QB, Carr seems to be getting into the swing of things now, but i dont think he is ever going to be a elite QB, thats not saying he's mediocre or bad, just that hes no payton manning. I am hoping however that he will put up better stats next season, though that probably will have more to do with his line than anything. Either way im happy with his performace, not thrilled just happy, as its his option year next year the pressure should be on him lets hope he delivers.

Running back. A lot of people dont seem to be all that enamoured with DD, though personally i cant see why, i think he is a top back, if he had not been injured for a few games he could easily have hit 1400-1500 yards in my opinion, great value for money for a 4th round pick. Though that does bring me onto his durability, its no secret that hes undersized and a second RB to help share the load would be no bad thing but personally im happy with Hollings and Wells. I may be wrong but didnt Wells run for over 110 yards one game DD was out? thats solid back up to me!

WR, well Andre is a stud no doubt about it, so thast easy enough but what about our #2 well although again a upgrade of Gaffney would be nice will we get VALUE FOR MONEY, personally i think the stats will improve with a better line allowing carr more time to pick his passes. i think that on its own should be enough.

Tight End - well we need one! but we dont need one as bad as some people think, how many teams in the league have no quality tight ends, loads. Im hoping that Joppru will be the answer, but i have to say i have my doubts, i think it would be wise to go after someone in free agency that can actually pass and block. I would prefer this over drafting someone as i just dont see anyone offering value at #13 when considering out other team needs.

O-Line, well its poor, but im hoping thats becuase we had new starters, people playing in new positions, and a new scheme (thats a lot of change) given some more time i think they can pull through a develop into a good solid line, personally i think Wand and Wade are solid as our bookends, its the inside thats more worrying. The good news is that repalcement and backup should be available in the lower end of the draft, i could certainly see both our 3rd rounders being on the centre of the o-line.

02-22-2005, 05:41 AM

Well done if you made it this far, i hope i have not annoyed to many of you with my views!!

Generally i think last year we were good value for our 7-9 finish, it was about what we all expected i think. Next year however we should have genuine reason for optamism. we still have wekenesses all over the shop, but we also have a lot of quality we, i feel are nearly there!

Here is a recap of what i would like to see happen in the off season.

Free agency - a Tight end if Casserly does not believe Joppru will make it as a starter, apart from that i would save our money and cap space and build through the draft. All other positions we have needs at will cost too much, and i really dont wanna see this team in cap hell for years to come.


1. DE probably someone like spears or cody
2. NT
3a. OLINE - Guard or Centre
3b. OLINE - Guard or Centre

the rest. our usual projects and mandatory QB selection

well there you go what do you all think? make any sense or a complete load of twaddle?