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11-06-2009, 04:56 PM
We all know what we're up against but just in case y'all forgot here's a reminder:

Kurt Warner, the player most similar in ability and possible style (given that OD is now out we're gonna rely on the WRs just like Kurt) went 30-52 for 332 yards 1 td and 2 INTs against the Colts. He was sacked 4 times, the Colts defense did not have Bob Sanders or Kelvin Hayden. They did have Marlin Jackson and Tyjuan Hagler but the basis for the Colts success on defense will remain the same without those two players in the lineup.

If Schaub drops back and tries to throw it 50+ times against that pass rush we're setting him up to perform poorly. I dont care if they're starting two rookie CBs and we have the best WR in the NFL. If Schaub drops back 50+ times he's gonna get hit and he's gonna make bad decisions which will inevitably allow Manning another opportunity with the football. We need to establish the running game and to me that means we ride the hot hand this week. If Moats stalls out then mix in Slaton and Brown but I expect us to be committed to the run game to some degree this week. If we do that it will open up big plays in the passing game and allow Schaub to get the same results with half the pass attempts and most importantly half the chances for Freeney and Mathis to put him on the turf. I'd like to see us commit to the run and tire out their light DL then mix in bubble screens to Slaton and the occasional play action pass deep to AJ, other Andre and JJ. If we need a 3rd down we need Dreesen, KW, or Anderson to come up big for us.

This team hasn't played the toughest schedule, but its not like we have either. We played a Jets team who gave us their best, the Bengals in their house and the Cardinals in their house. Other than that our schedule isn't any more impressive than their's when they beat the Dolphins in Miami, SF with Alex Smith playing 4 quarters and especially considering they demolished the Cardinals IN AZ AND beat the Jags in Indy.

Not having Pollard in the lineup at the start of the season kept us from getting the win against the Jags but the main reason our team is 5-3 and they are 7-0 is because they have established veteran leadership and they can get by with injuries and still perform. That all starts with # 18. He's playing out of his mind this year and everyone who thinks the defense's injuries makes this game any easier just needs to realize that just means # 18 will probably have more opportunities to score. The Colts had the ball for less than a quarter against the Dolphins and still managed to put 27 points on the board and get out of Miami with the W.

The Colts are tied for 6th in points scored and 1st in points allowed. They've played the majority of their season without all the players who will not be playing this game with the exception of Hagler. But no offense to Hagler, its not quite the same as if we were to lose Cushing or Ryans. As long as Manning is suited up and Freeney/Mathis are coming off the edge we're gonna need to play our best and hope for a few lucky breaks to get out of Indy with the W.

11-06-2009, 05:48 PM
Wow. We've never beat the Jags in Indy. :mcnugget:

11-06-2009, 06:11 PM
Wow. We've never beat the Jags in Indy. :mcnugget:

That comparison is more along the lines of, "They won the home division game against the Jags that we failed to win."