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10-28-2009, 01:59 PM
Any Redskin fans here that know what's up with this guy?????? Is he a puppet for Snyder, or is Snyder really letting him run things? That team is the East Coast version of the Raiders, and maybe worse off. Are there any other GM's that have their own Radio shows, besides Jerry Jones? The redskins will no longer let the fans bring in signs to the games, and the media can no longer interview fans in the parking lot of Fed Ex field. And talking about Jim Zorn and the way they have done him is insane. They really know how to run an NFL team.....


Hall of Fame receiver Steve Largent thinks that the Redskins have been trying to get his former teammate, Jim Zorn, to quit his job as head coach of the team.

It now appears that Zorn might be throwing caution to the wind in the hopes of being fired.

On Tuesday, executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato defended his work while also throwing Zorn a little deeper into the undercarriage of the bus. Specifically, Cerrato says he thinks he gave Zorn a roster with sufficient talent to make it to the playoffs.

Though Zorn hasn't spilled strawberry sauce on Sammy Baugh's uniform (yet), the second-year coach tempted a fate he might welcome in responding to Cerrato's statement.

"If we've got a playoff roster, we'll earn the right to be in the playoffs," Zorn said during a Wednesday radio appearance, per Ryan O'Halloran of the Washington Times.

Though, in context, Zorn wasn't being overtly belligerent, his message is clear: The 2-5-and-sinking Redskins are not a playoff caliber roster.

But we don't blame Cerrato for trying to save his job, even though Cerrato is trying to play it cool. "I feel like my job's on the line all the time," Cerrato said Tuesday. "It's not something that I really worry about. My job is to get us going and fill these holes when guys get hurt. Things take care of themselves after the season."

After this season, owner Daniel Snyder likely will be "taking care" of everyone -- unless Snyder really doesn't want to win.

10-28-2009, 04:08 PM
seem like the redskins wont to put every thing on Zorn. Not a Redskin fan but it they play any thing like, they did Monday. I can say that it's not all Zorn, but Campbell maybe the next Carr. Campbell doesn't feel safe in the pocket and is looking to run early and often. This all goes on the GM and Snyder. Zorn came in to try and get the Offense Cord. job and then was told it was for the Head job. Zorn maybe good but Snyder is an ***** for not giving a learning curve. Throwing money around doesn't win Super Bowls. Jerry Jone had Johnson build the team. Know Jones is throwing money to anyone who can play and hasn't been back since then.