View Full Version : Former Player Sues School

10-16-2009, 08:45 AM
A former Penn State tailback who hoped to play in the NFL claims in a lawsuit that authorities ruined his professional aspirations after filing a rape charge against him that was later dropped.

An attorney for Austin Scott filed the civil suit this week against Centre County prosecutors, Penn State police and the university in federal court in Williamsport. The suit said Scott suffered "mental pain and suffering" and diminished "earning capacity" because of the case.

He never played for the Nittany Lions after coach Joe Paterno suspended him in October 2007 for violating team rules. Police charged Scott a week later.

"Two years later, we are convinced his professional football career is over. Neither the NFL nor the CFL is looking at him because of the scarlet letter he has on his forehead," Scott's attorney John Karoly said Thursday night.

Prosecutors withdrew the charges in April 2008 after the state Superior Court ruled jurors could hear testimony about the alleged victim's involvement in a separate sexual assault case in 2003. The defendant in that case was acquitted.

Centre County District Attorney Michael Madiera's office said then in a statement that charges were dropped because there was "no reasonable likelihood" it could meet the burden of proof....



10-16-2009, 10:51 AM
So as long as Joe Pa has him dead to rights for violating team rules, it would seem this case is going no where fast.

Because if he was good enough to play pro, he would be playing pro.