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10-13-2009, 12:53 AM
OK. Here's reality. We are what we have been so far this season. We are a 8-9 win team. We have enough strengths to mask some of our weaknesses, and we have enough weaknesses to expose some of our strengths.

Personally, I'm tired of it. I can appreciate the improvements we've made on offense and to the linebackers... I can even appreciate the modest improvements to the Dline. What is INEXCUSABLE is that we have the SAME weaknesses we've had since our inception. We have four REAL weaknesses and two of them have been problems since day one.

First, we lack a REAL NT style DT. Let me tell you what ALL of the defenses that have given Manning, Brady, Rivers and Brees trouble have in common. The get pressure up the middle. They have a DT, that every time he flinches, two people on the OL block him and if they don't, the pocket collapses into the QB's laps. He kills the cutback lanes in the run game by slicing their OL in half. Wilfork, Haynesworth, the Chris Meyers official rag doll maker... we NEED one of these guys. I realize that two of them play in 3-4's but they will anchor a 4-3 with an AO style DT to go with them very well. How long must we wait for a legit DT? If we don't have one by next year I may be a baseball fan (oh wait, no chance in hell that the lastros are in the playoffs)... check that a basketball fan come this time of year.

Second, and again since we started... we have lacked a PLAYMAKER in the secondary. Drob was a decent corner, but he wasn't a play maker. We need a legitimate safety. A REAL safety. Pollard is an upgrade.. OMG is he ever an upgrade, but he's a stop-gap. We need a ball hawking, make the QB pay for locking onto a receiver, kind of safety. Someone who can stay in his lane on runs, not over commit, and then make the tackle.

Thirdly, we need a BIG center. Look, this zone blocking thing is fine and I know what you need to run it, but with so many teams running the 3-4 and putting that big NT right over our center, we NEED a bigger center to be able to run in this league. I saw it in this last game, slaton seems to have shed some of the weight he put on in the preseason.. because I saw that burst.. but if we are going to be playing teams with biggish dlines, those cutback lanes that we keep talking about him hitting AREN'T going to be there. End of story.

KUBES needs to learn to manage the clock. The last time I saw an example of this was the Jets game I think. It didn't cost us but I was going CRAZY about it... It was right before the half, with like 13 seconds left in the half and the opponent had the ball at around midfield. We had a timeout and stopped them on third down, but Kubes didn't call the Time out. I watched Billichek call the timeout this week and do EXACTLY what he should do. You call that timeout with 8-15 seconds left and FORCE them to punt the ball instead of letting them run it down to just a few seconds (like 4) and then heave the ball to the endzone. I don't think the other team even did that... I can't remember I was too mad about the fact that we weren't using our timeout.

Bottom line is this. We need 4 pieces. You wanna get that yard, your center needs to be closer to 350 than he is 250. You wanna stop the pass, you better be able to cover, and if you don't get pressure, the opposing QB better have to at least look to make sure your safety isn't going to pass him on his way for six if the throws an errant pass, and most importantly, GET PRESSURE IN THE FACE OF THE OPPOSING QB.

We are better. MUCH better than we've ever been. The entire league is better now though. There are several QUALITY teams in this league. We might get lucky and win a few that we shouldn't, we might win 10 games somehow... and this is, as many Ol' oilers fans know, the worst part of getting to be a good team. Hell ask the 8-8, three straight Titans fans about how it sucked to wait for Fischer to build a team (and really a perennial contender) year in and year out.

We have IMPORTANT pieces. Schaub is legit. 1 int in 49 passes thrown, that is INSANE when you think about it. You wanna get off the field on third down make the changes to the D. You wanna convert on third down get the centerpiece. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Jumping ship now is ridiculous. In case you didn't notice, this team is entertaining to watch.


10-13-2009, 08:26 AM
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