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09-28-2009, 06:36 PM
Well, there were rumors floating around for a while that it was Cable who had punched the assistant...guess the rumor was true after all.

link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story?id=09000d5d8130024e&template=with-video-with-comments&confirm=true


Raiders assistant tells police Cable struck him, broke his jaw

Jason La Canfora By Jason La Canfora | NFL Network

Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson cooperated with a Napa Valley Police Department investigation last week, according to his lawyer, John McGuinn, telling a detective that he was struck by Oakland head coach Tom Cable and suffered a broken jaw. McGuinn would not go into specific details of what Hanson told police about how he was injured, but called the case "a textbook case of felony assault."

McGuinn said that Hanson has continued to receive paychecks from the Raiders since the incident, which occurred at the club's training camp headquarters in Napa on Aug. 5, but that the defensive assistant was told to stay away from the team's facility. McGuinn said that Hanson was interviewed by detective Mike Walund for roughly 90 minutes Friday night and has also turned over his medical records detailing his broken jaw.

This marked the first time Hanson had spoken to police since they were called to the hospital where he was receiving treatment after the incident, and McGuinn said Hanson had resisted requests to participate in the investigation previously.

"Randy answered the detective's questions, but we have no idea whether charges will be coming," McGuinn said. "That will strictly be determined by the police and the DA's office. We have no input. He just answered questions."

McGuinn said police told him they had interviewed several people as part of the investigation. McGuinn said that Hanson, Cable, and Raiders defensive coaches Lionel Washington, John Marshall and Willie Brown were also in a meeting room at the time of the incident. The NFL has said it is investigating the incident, and McGuinn said that neither he nor Hanson has been contacted by the league to this point. Commander Andy Lewis of the Napa Valley police would not comment on the matter, saying only, "It's an open investigation and we're making no comment at all."

Messages with Raiders spokesman John Herrera were not immediately returned. Cable initially refused to talk about the incident and then later denied striking Hanson.

McGuinn said that despite Hanson being barred from the Raiders facility, several players have continued to reach out to the coach and solicit his advice. McGuinn said players managed to get him a team laptop that previously belonged to Willie Brown, with the defensive backs in particular hoping he could help with game plans and give them tips.

Said McGuinn: "Before their last preseason game several players contacted Randy and said they needed help. They said, 'If we get you a computer can you help us come up with some tips?' Randy worked with them and they played really well in that game, particularly the defensive backs.

"So the guys asked him to do it again and he met with them before the Monday night game in San Diego (Sept. 14), and the defensive backs played well again. (Owner) Al Davis doesn't know (Hanson has) been providing detailed coaching for these guys, and Randy has not gotten any credit for it."

The Raiders are 1-2 following a drubbing by Denver on Sunday. Cable is in his second season as head coach after taking over on an interim basis last season. Hanson is still listed as a defensive assistant on the team's website. This is his third season with the Raiders, having worked previously for St. Louis and Minnesota.

Just wondering if anyone knows...will Cable serve time for this?