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09-28-2009, 05:02 PM
As I walked around the Astrodome, U2's Streets With No Name started playing on my iPod. Hours of anxious waiting(I woke up at 3 AM) reached an almost magical moment as I saw Reliant emerging from behind the old Astrodome.

First of all, thanks to Vinny and everyone else involved in me getting a chance to go to the game today. It was a tough loss, but I had a great time at the game nonetheless.

Now, where did it go wrong? Jacksonville's defense isn't bad, but it's not the world-beater Tennessee can be on a good day. The offense wasn't particularly worse than last week, Schaub wasn't as accurate or as crisp, but he still had 3 TDs and valuable mid-range completions. Our running game was much better this week than last.

"We're struggling on the defensive side of the ball to be consistent, to stop somebody. We're moving the ball offensivelyówe have the last two weeks, but we had two big turnovers in the game so you're minus one in the game and you get beat."--Kubiak

Kubiak hit the nail on the head there. Consistency.

I'm sure we all saw Antonio Smith, Mario, DeMeco, and Cushing make plays all over the place, or at least come within inches of doing so. We saw the defense force 3 and outs, we saw them stop the Jacksonville offense in the 4th.

The problem is, we saw them give up another long run, MJD almost had another long run in the 2nd quarter, only to be stopped for a 9 yard gain by Dunta. They were unable to stop Garrard when he was on the move, at best forcing him to throw the ball away. I fail to remember a sack, or anything closer to a sack than Antonio Smith hitting Garrard's shoulders after he threw for a first down.

The defense has the same problem as last year: our line gets pushed around and our DBs just aren't very good. The Jaguars brought in Tra Thomas as a tackle-eligible a few times, yelling at the Texans that a running play was coming, only to see MJD gain 5 yards.

This isn't all on Frank Bush.
What killed us wasnít just the Jaguars running game, the defense had plenty of stops for us to win. The problem was the defenseís tendency to be solid for a few plays and all of a sudden give up a 10 yard run, a 20 yard pass. The defense, to me, has improved from last year, they played well against the Titans if you take away the long runs/passesÖbut you canít. Call it a lack of a killer instinct, bad discipline, or whatever you may, this defense tends to allows big plays.

Itís not like the Texans of old, allowing Manning to have career days because of a bad scheme and lack of talent. When you have Jay Foreman or Morlon Greenwood as leading tacklers, the defense is obviously going to be bad. The scheme is not to blame here, and neither is the talent. There are playmakers all over the field, except at DB. Dunta Robinson, who has the contractual demands of an All-Pro corner, is anything but. Torry Holt only had 3 catches, but they were all big plays that kept the Jaguars on the field. They were plays I donít see a $10 million a year corner give up. Eugene Wilson and Fred Bennet didnít have stellar games either, but did enough for us to pull out a win on pass defense.

Speaking of the pass, Matt Schaub had another great statistical game, throwing for 3 TDs and almost 300 yards. I saw in Reliant last season when he led a great drive that ended with a clutch TD run. Iím not prepared to call him a choker, but he certainly didnít step up his game enough in the 4th quarter. Slaton and Chris Brown played well in the 4th quarter, and Schaub did lead the team down the field, but when it mattered most, Schaub allowed himself to be sacked on what was probably the most crucial play of the game, a 3rd and long after a great defensive stop.

A couple of guys in my section brought up something interesting: Schaub doesnít go through more than 2 progressions. Itís something Iíve noticed as well, though feel free to correct me on anything Iíve said. There were plays that were meant to go to a certain receiver, and to his credit, Shannahanís playcalling often led to the receiver being open. However, when that receiver wasnít open, Schaub threw a couple of balls that I wouldnít call catchable.

He did, however, throw a great pitch-and-catch to Jacoby Jones for a touchdown. Something I noticed yesterday that I may not have noticed on TV otherwise is that heís picking up some nuances from Andre Johnson. From his stance, to the way he checked with a linesman to make sure he was in the right spot, to the way he played off a DB. JJ has a chance to learn from one of the best, and he seems to be taking the advice well.

Now, hereís my Peter King impersonation.

Random thoughts:

a) Standing in a strangely organized line for the bathroom, I noticed a guy wearing platform shoes. Is that really necessary?

b) JJ Moses and Corey Bradford had an autograph booth; to say the booth had a line was generous.

c) I saw a guy decked out in 49ers gear, topped off with an Alex Smith Jersey. First of all, the Niners had little more to do with the game than the soccer games in Europe. Second, why would you wear an Alex Smith jersey?

d) Glenn Martinez made a couple good plays on special teams. I wouldnít mind having some balls go his way.

e) Busing is good against the run, a sure tackler, and has playmaking ability. But even Dominique Barber thinks heís not very good in coverage.

f) Jacoby is a good punt returner when he doesnít muff the punt, but there has to be a better option at kick returner. There were at least 2 occasions in which he didnít reach the 20 yard line.

g) Julius Williams, a defensive end for the Jaguars who wears #90 had a resemblance of Mario, he looked like a miniature version with the same name and number. I was so disgusted by the thought of Mario going to Jacksonville, almost as much as the thought of DeMeco playing for the Colts or Andre playing the last year(s) of his career with the Titans.

h) $5 for a bag of peanuts? Really? $8 for a hot dog? Suddenly that $60 pizza at the North Texas Football Cathedral doesnít look so bad.

i) The Colts are undefeated, the Texans and Jaguars are tied for 2nd place in the division, and the Titans have a worse record than the Lions. Itís only 3 games in, but funny nonetheless.

j) The city has cleaned up a lot since the pothole-ridden dump with constant construction I remember seeing as a kid. The Metro Rail is great for people like me who rely on public transportation, Iím 100% behind a route going to UH. Rice got one.

gg no re
09-28-2009, 05:42 PM
C'mon, MT. You left out the coffee nerdiness section.

09-28-2009, 05:44 PM
dammit man, i should've gone.

09-28-2009, 08:16 PM
C'mon, MT. You left out the coffee nerdiness section.
I actually had some Earl Grey tea this morning. I added some milk, but it still tasted very...weak, almost hollow. It would've been nice if there was any place downtown with any kind of newspaper on sale(besides the Chron.) I walked around for an hour without finding a bathroom or an open store.

Second Honeymoon
09-28-2009, 08:45 PM
good stuff. well done...however...

calling Busing good at anything is a little of a stretch(see MJD TD run and 5 other blown assignments/tackles)

Silver Oak
09-28-2009, 08:53 PM
a) Standing in a strangely organized line for the bathroom, I noticed a guy wearing platform shoes. Is that really necessary?

I stand next to no man at the urinal thats wearing platform shoes (possible gheyness).

09-28-2009, 10:16 PM
I stand next to no man at the urinal thats wearing platform shoes (possible gheyness).
They were actually platform sneakers, it was a 5'4 ish balding, chubby guy. He wasn't wearing them for fashion reasons.

09-28-2009, 10:50 PM
has i was getting something to eat during halftime i noticed Scottish Dancers on the field ....... :I

09-29-2009, 12:07 AM
I know it sounds weird, but more than any Jaguars play, what annoyed me most at the game was a big play going the Jaguars' way and on comes that cheerleader song and they start dancing. I enjoy cheerleaders as much as the next guy, but that irked me.