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09-26-2009, 07:16 AM
Creative intimidation having "pay me Rick" written all over it........just with a higher price tag.


Eagles Scoop: ‘Jason’ Brown gets $1OK fine, and he’s fine with it

PHILADELPHIA – Sheldon Brown learned this week that violating NFL uniform and equipment rules during the player introductions costs $10,000.

Making a national statement violating the uniform and equipment rules during the intro? Priceless.

Brown got some attention hitting the field last Sunday against the New Orleans Saints by wearing a hockey mask a la Jason in the “Friday the 13th” fright night movie series.

It’s no secret the eight-year veteran believes he’s underpaid and unappreciated. No Eagle has started in the secondary longer than Brown, who hasn’t missed a beat since cracking the lineup in 2003.

Brown wouldn’t say why he was “Jason,” but it should be fairly obvious.

Brown is relentless and you cannot keep him down for long, just like the bulletproof movie character with 100 lives.

“I’m not upset about it,” Brown said of the fine. “When I do things, I do them for a reason.”

When the kidding got around to who would pick up the check, someone asked in jest if team president Joe Banner had offered.

Brown shot back with a “Who, who, who?” that pretty much told you what he thinks of their relationship. Banner has said he wouldn’t redo Brown’s contract.

Don’t be surprised if you see the mask again Sunday since Brown seems determined to pound his point home. With a team-best two interceptions, he has a point to make.

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